Recipe Pumpkin Pie

In this last stage of the tutorial for this recipe

Pumpkin pie Without A Crust

the cream cheese batter is baked with the loose crumb base you made in the first step of this recipe.

Recipe Pumpkin Pie without a crust

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Final Steps For This Easy Recipe
Pumpkin Pie Without A Crust

For this stage, you'll require:

The ingredients for the crustless pumpkin pie are ready

Step 1: Fill

Pour the batter onto the crumbs.

And now it's ready for baking.

Ready to bake this recipe Pumpkin Pie - a crustless cheesecake

Your fresh pumpkin pie is done. Now, place it in the lower middle of the preheated oven and bake for an hour.

Baked - this recipe Pumpkin Pie for a crustless cheesecake

Now isn't this just gorgeous!

Test if it is cooked with a cake tester or skewer. Skewer it gently in the middle and when it comes out clean, it's cooked.

Plate Beautifully

Allow to cool completely in the pan then release the lever to loosen the pan walls.

Remove the wall.

Release the spring on the springform pan

Remove the springform pan wall from the crustless pumpkin pie

Remove the crustless pie by lifting the baking paper off the base and placing it on your lovely serving platter.

Remove the crustless pumpkin pie by lifting the baking paper

Slide it off the paper and plate this lovely crustless pie.

Plate this crustless recipe pumpkin pie

Decorate the crustless pie with strawberries and kiwi fruit ONLY when you are about to serve this luscious dessert.

Decorate the crustless pumpkin pie with strawberries and kiwi fruit

This recipe for a crustless pumpkin pie, is a really lovely dessert which is simply just delicious and looks absolutely sensational.

This goes perfectly with...

We enjoyed this very simple to make dessert for a luncheon at home with 10 guests. This crustless cheesecake received a "WOW!" on serving, yet I made it ever so quickly the day before. One of the appetizers served before the lunch was another of our super easy recipes, Pumpkin Tapenade" Another one, that's so easy to do, it's embarrassing!

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Pumpkin Pie Without A Crust
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