The Queen Of
Easy To Make Recipes

I am the Queen of Easy To Make Recipes - How did that happen?

Frankly, I am the last person you'd expect to be writing a website, let alone one on recipes! My only claim to fame with cooking is that I am an accomplished expert on the art of how to make cooking totally easy and fuss free. As a Mom, I'd been doing this for years, doing big cook ups of delicious yet super easy meals. They're all tried and tested and were created for my family's busy schedules.

My demanding practice and voraciously hungry children meant I was super efficient both at work and at home.

...and I still managed to hold dinner parties using my easy recipes!

Easy Dinner Party Menu

But, as to websites and anything to do with technology...well, I always had staff to do those things, so never even learned to use Microsoft WORD! And, I knew zip about websites! Frankly, I knew nothing that would prepare me to be a work at home mom.

Hectic Life and Successful Career

I had been a senior partner in professional practice in one of the largest Accountancy firms in the city for too many years. In fact, I'd been in practice for well over 30 years - this meant of course, the many hours at the office, dedicated to building a career.

My Kitchen

My Kitchen

You know...it was the usual...a minimum of 60 hours a week...and that was just being at the office... and not only was there so much work that it wasn't sufficient hours in the day to get it all done, but you had to continuously think about the issues and how to solve problems and client matters ALL THE TIME - at home, at the stove, driving, at soccer. Work at home Mom? I was the definition of a work at home, work at the office, work while driving, work on holidays, type Mom.

This is the norm and is expected of those in senior positions like mine. I loved this wonderful life with a wonderful husband, loving family, a most beautiful home and a fantastic career, I knew my stuff and was well respected in my work for quick thinking in delivering valued advice. This was the best life.

I was so entrenched in focusing on building my practice and my career, that I barely took a week off to have my babies. I had the birth of my daughter arranged with the obstetrician for an induction on a date that suited my tax lodgement program - I think back and realize how crazy that was! But when you love your work, it's normal.

Family To Raise

Anyhow, our children are now 20 and 17 and my husband and I chose to raise them without a live-in nanny. Our children enjoyed all the fun opportunities available including scouts, soccer, netball, swimming, music, etc. We all lead a full and involved life, whether it's studies, work or sport.

In all this time, we both worked the enormous hours expected in our roles and I just had to learn to feed my family good, healthy, nutritious meals that were yummy, cooked in the least possible time, namely easy to make recipes.

This Mom Had To Be Efficient At Cooking

So, readers, I write this website with 20 years experience, having honed my skills with easy to make recipes.

...and here are my simple basic tools

Easy Recipes Basic Equipment

My female relatives are terrific gourmet cooks so, I was privileged when they shared recipes. Nonetheless, these recipes would be further adjusted to make them even easier.

Now, I don't believe in unnecessary washing up. So, I specialized in one pot cooking.

While there are four of us in our family, I'd cook sufficient for 8 - 12 servings and freeze meals. You'll find the easy to make recipes in this site are for generous servings. There's enough to freeze and to put in small containers for the next day's lunch.

That is how I managed my work with this enormously busy, successful career and still managed the home - I learned to be super efficient at home and I applied the same professional principles with our meals namely:
  • What is the result you want?
  • How do you achieve it in the quickest possible way?
  • How do you do this without sacrificing nutrition?
Over the 20 years as a Mom, I learned the skills of easy, no fuss cooking - I really am the Queen Of Easy To Make Recipes.

You will have noticed I write in the past tense. Something awful happened and I lost the thing that defined my identity, which was my career and my work.

Something Awful Happened

Well, one day while in conference with Queens Counsel, I found I could not read as all the letters on the page were running on top of each other. I was diagnosed with an eye disorder. It is like a bubble that sits right over the macular, which is where the fine vision happens. The disorder is spontaneous and lasts for weeks, sometimes months.

I was told there is no cure and that it's stress related. I could no longer practice as when it occurs the course of treatment is immediate rest, and given my work is revolves around deadlines, settlements, advices, research and so on, leaving partly finished work and ignoring deadlines was just not on; and what more, I couldn't read documents! The disorder affected my bearing and my confidence.

Overnight I became unreliable.

Overnight I went from super efficient and super confident to anxious and worried I'd made mistakes at work, from being unable to read. The quick juices of thought that come from quick reading and comprehension evaporated replaced with fears of my condition on impending deadlines that are simply a constant in my profession.

I am sorry about the whining, but this was a really terrible time. I was forced by my eye condition to give up not just the only work that I could do, but I had to give up my status, my (not insignificant) income, my future.

So there I was - at the top of my profession, highly skilled but didn't know how to do the littlest thing. I have had executive assistants and professional staff look after my needs all of my career. I didn't even know how to put bullet points in a letter. But, I did make my own cups of tea.

Why This Website?

I am naturally a work-a-holic and being productive is just ingrained. I sought something new to learn that because of my illnes, would not involve deadlines...and here I am with this website, writing about something I know extremely well and that is...easy to make recipes.

Readers, I did not choose to become a work at home Mom, but life does these things and we make the best of it.

In this new reconstructed life, I am proud to be learning this new skill - creating this website and learning that internet marketing is about providing great information on subjects people want to learn about.

Number One Klutz creates a website!

And that, readers leads me to the secret. The only reason I've acquired this new reconstructed life, creating a website on what I'm extremely good at, namely, easy to make recipes, is entirely because of SBI. I stumbled on this web software and it seemed, unbelievably real and ethical.

Just about every web program touts how much money you can make overnight by using their program, but SBI says you have to work at it, you have to tortoise it, produce value that is unique and attractive to readers and keep building content.

I mean, who says honest stuff on the web? ...and these people did! So, I explored SBI further.

Having been in business for 30 years, I know there is no such thing as a fast buck. I know the only reason people buy is because they firstly trust you and regard you as reliable and only then, will they consider your product.

So, these words from SBI resonated as being honest and I could relate to it from years of off-line experience.

If you'd like to find out more of what this Number One Klutz who could not manage without an Executive Assistant, learned from SBI, please carry on reading here.

The 20 Minute Cook = Efficiency

Moms reading this site, I understand your world, having lived it and having fully embraced a career and a family. I know you want the best of both worlds and you can have it.

I did.

...and easy to make recipes helped save hours so as to be very productive at work yet have the time to be be...a Mom.

I am proud and pleased to share with you my family's easy to make recipes. These are tried and true recipes, which meet the busy Mom criteria of not just being time efficient but also:
  • Must be healthy
  • Must be tasty
  • Must be easy to prepare
  • Must look enticing
  • Must be economical
  • Not have too much washing up
  • Ideally quick, but it's fine to cook in the oven or slow cooker, so there's no constant need to watch the stove

Tips For The Busy Mom:

It is my wish that you too are successful in your chosen career and have a happy, joyous family life.

Please enjoy these good, tasty, easy to make recipes. As a busy Mom, I know these will help you save time so that you can do more.

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