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Rushed? Busy? Need easy recipes quick smart? Need to figure out how to cook a meal or yummy treat? We're all about creating scrumptious treats and tasty meals with the fewest possible steps. Once you learn the short cuts, it takes between 10 and 20 minutes of hands on time.


Easy Salad Recipes like this

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One Pot

We're all about saving time yet creating delicious, "more-ish" treats and meals. We'll show you how to cook easily and quickly yet create a deliciousness!

One pot cooking is a winner as washing up is kept to an absolute minimum.  The secret is planning ahead and loving the best piece of equipment in the kitchen - your oven.

Learn How To Cook Cakes Without Scales

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1 Cup = ? Ounces
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Pumpkin Cake Recipes

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Easy no bake cheesecake

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... and we don't ever use cake mixers or food processors either. Learn how to cook cakes, desserts and treats in under 20 minutes hands-on time.  We save time by not weighing with scales and we use a one pot procedure.  The outcome is delicious and depending on the garnish and table ware, absolutely looks the part for visitors and guests!

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Roast chicken, one of the easy healthy chicken recipes

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This delicious pumpkin soup is from our easy soup recipes

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The secret to how to cook easy healthy recipes in 20 minutes is the combination of flavors and using quality produce.  Whipping up a delicious healthy meal is simple and with only a few ingredients - you just need to know how.

No, we don't deep fry, so if you're looking for easy recipes with crunchy fried batter - they won't be on this site. But we just love fresh green produce, lots of crunchy vegetables and delicious salads thrown together. What could be more healthy and delicious!

Dinners Like Mom's With 20 Minutes Hands-On Prep

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Learn how to cook a roast dinner like this.

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The key to 20 minute cooking is to delegate the work. It's just like what happens at your work - the reason so much gets done quickly is because no one, these days on their own, does a whole project from start to finish. Parts of the project are delegated to those most skilled or most cost efficient. Delegation results in a final product created faster.

It's exactly the same in the kitchen. Learn how to cook with your oven and slow cooker  - delegate the cooking to these invaluable pieces of equipment. All you have to do is marinade and put together the flavors, bung it in and let the equipment do the work.

...and all it takes to create a healthy meal is less than 20 minutes HANDS-ON time.

Short cuts free you to do all the other important work that simply must get done.

Easy Recipes For Kids - Keep It Quick & Tasty

Colorful cake balls are easy recipes for kids

Easy Recipes
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A tray of cookies made from easy cookie recipes

Cookie Recipes

Kids have a short attention span so recipes for kids must naturally, be quick and easy. Kids want to see a tasty outcome within 20 minutes and you don't want a mess in your kitchen! 

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Learn how to cook rice perfectly

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Learn how to cook quinoa perfectly

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If you don't already know how to, here are some primary how to cook skills to master.  Healthy cooking becomes fast and easy once these skills are mastered.

Tips From The 20 Minute Cook

  1. You need easy recipes 
  2. Use only fresh quality produce. It doesn't have to be expensive nor gourmet quality. 
  3. Learn short cuts - it really is OK to use canned pumpkin or tinned tomatoes
  4. Let the oven do the work. Your meal will be mouth wateringly delicious and best of all, there's hardly any washing up!
  5. Basic equipment is a given
  6. Learn how to cook a few go-to easy recipes and master them - follow our tutorials - it's not difficult. You merely need to know how.

Party Food - Quick n' Easy

Christmas Wreath for Recipes For Christmas

No Fuss

glasses of champagne for a party


Easy Appetizer Recipes Like these mini burgers

Quick & Easy

The key to successful party dinner parties, is simplicity, understated elegance and an easy dinner party menu.  There's no need to over-complicate the menu - it's just like the principles at the office - Be efficient, delivery quality promptly. Presentation is the secret - always lay out your best tableware, flatware and glassware.

Let me share with you my secret of catering for a horde of guests - Select make-ahead recipes such as our quick and easy appetizers that can be defrosted or just warmed up to be served delectably on the day.

Quick n' Easy!  Done in 20 Minutes!

Been There! Done That!

I know these tricks to cooking scrumptious easy healthy recipes with little effort as I've been doing this for yonks.  Being responsible for my successful thriving practice and raising little children meant I had to learn how to cook the quickest way to create Meals In A Flash without compromising flavor and nutrition.

I am indeed, The 20 Minute Cook!

What you see here are all my own as well as those from friends and family and they're all tried and tested. You get to benefit from our knowledge when you make your fabulous yet so simple meal.  We'd love you to share your wonderful nutritious treats and tips too!

Make this easy cupcake recipe for thiese beautiful little chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting

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