Cheat's Chocolate Croissant Recipe

This is my totally easy Cheat's Chocolate Croissant Recipe. Now this is not the real McCoy - it is made from store bought puff pastry and I've worked out how to make it all nice and flaky, so please do not expect a lovely french delicately layered croissant!

My Short Cut Chocolate Croissant

It is, as expected, delightfully buttery, chocolately and rich.

Cut pastry into 4 triangles across the diagonal like this

and dot with butter. This helps keep it puffy.

To create a "fuller" chocolate croissant, layer one sheet above the other.

But do this gently. Don't overwork the pastry.

Place a double piece of chocolate at the wide end of the triangle

and roll towards the tip LOOSELY.

The secret is to have gaps in the roll so that hot air from the oven cavity can penetrate through to the center and cook the inside of the croissant.

See how loosely they're rolled and there are large gaps on the sides and top.

Don't worry about the gaps as when they're baked the puff from the pastry closes over the open cavities.

Bake according to instructions which you'll find in the recipe.

Chocolate Croissant Recipe

This recipe makes 12 double sheet chocolate croissants.

You'll need:

• 6 sheets of puff pastry

• 1 block/8oz/250gm good quality chocolate, broken up into two portion chunks

• (Optional)1 cup Nutella

• 3 1/2 oz/100gm butter

• 1 egg, beaten for egg wash

Here is how you make the croissant:

• Preheat oven to 430F/220C

• Line two baking trays with parchment or baking paper

• Cut a sheet of pastry as in the diagram - you will have 4 triangles

• Dot them with shavings of butter

• Gently, top one triangle of pastry over the other

• Optional - for a really chocolatey experience, spread the base of the pastry with a good lot of Nutella

• Place one chunk (of two portions)of chocolate at the base of the triangle (as in the image) and roll it up towards the tip.

• Roll loosely keeping as much open as possible while retaining a crescent shape.

• Place finished croissant on the lined baking tray.

• Repeat. Each sheet will produce 2 croissants.  You will have 12 croissants from 6 sheets.

• Brush liberally with egg wash, into the nooks and corners

• Bake for 17 minutes till the pastry has risen nicely and lightly browned then turn the heat down and bake for a further 17 minutes at 375F/180C, to cook evenly the insides of the pastry.

• On removal from the oven, allow to rest for 10 minutes as the internal heat continues to cook it internally.


  • The secret to getting the croisssant to cook internally so that it is fluffy inside as well as outside.  The objective is to allow hot air to course through inside.

  • This means it is important to roll it loosely allowing good sized gaps at the sides and top.  As it bakes the puffing up does close up the gaps.

  • If the roll is too enclosed, you'll find the croissant to be not sufficiently baked internally

  • It is simpler to make single sheet short cut croissants as there is a shorter cooking time and less handling

  • Try not to overhandle the dough as otherwise it becomes hard and dense.

  • All ovens are different so take care to watch your baking and adjust the temperature or times as required.

  • Now, this is my short cut "cheat's" chocolate croissant recipe and my family loves them. Please do not expect the lovely delicately flaked pastries that takes enormous skill and effort to layer and roll to create.

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