How To Cook A Roast

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Learn how to cook a roast and you'll always have a delicious yet so incredibly easy meal to enjoy.  The secret to a perfect roast is...well, you'll have to read further on to find out.

Roast Pork with perfect crunchy crackling

My Mother's No Fail Roast Pork

Doesn't that roast pork look sensational!

...and it is always perfect - with crunchy crackling and soft, tender cuts of meat. 

How to Cook Roast
Lamb Leg

Mum's famous roast pork recipe

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how to cook roast pork

how to cook roast pork
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8 Secret Tips on How To Cook A Roast

1. Always have the best quality meat, that you afford

2. Marinade for a minimum of 2 hours, but ideally 4 hours

3. Allow 1/2 hour for every pound or 500 grams of meat

4. Ideally select a cut that has been butterflied. This means the bone has been removed and the cut flattened out, so that when laid flat, it is in the shape of a butterfly.

5. Cook on high heat firstly to brown and seal the meat, then turn down the heat to cook for the remainder of the time.

6. Allow to stand for 10 minutes after removing from the oven. The meat continues to cook in that time.

7. The perfect roast beef and lamb is slightly pink in the middle, meaning it is best not over cooked.

8. Roast pork and chicken, though, must be cooked thoroughly right through the center.

These are the main principles in turning out the perfect roast.  A roast is just so simple to prepare as the only effort is in applying marinade and that takes just a few minutes.  I love using the oven for roasts as it leave me free to do other work while dinner's cooking.

roast lamb and roast vegetable dinner

I cooked a full roast dinner for my son's birthday, following our own collection of easy recipes.  His favorite meal is a roast leg of lamb complete with all manner of roast vegetables, followed by an incredibly easy Black Forest Cake.

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