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Moist Easy Cake Recipes
Made Without Scales

Ounce conversions - We don't waste time

All our easy cake recipes are no fuss to prepare with hands-on preparation time of under 20 minutes.  You see, we've figured out how to make sensational cakes without wasting time.

  • We don't use kitchen scales to weigh ingredients...ever

  • We never use a cake mixer or food processor either

  • Don't be alarmed when you read our recipes - we mix the batter in a large roomy saucepot!

Talk about no fuss easy recipes  - well, these are it!

Ingredients for easy banana cake recipes

Wicked Banana
& Chocolate Cake

Homemade Cakes

This easy cake recipe is an upside down pear cake

Easy Upside Down
Pear Cake

Maple Syrup
Apple Cake

Pumpkin Cake

Moist banana cake next to a note pad

Banana Cake

Easy Brownie

Chocolate and
Coconut Cupcakes

A slice of cake from easy chocolate cake recipes, with frosting being spread

So Simple
Chocolate Cake

A slice from the honey cake recipe with a serve of strawberries

Honey Cake

Sophia's Shoe
Birthday Cupcakes

Sultana cake with icing

Sultana Cake

Rum Balls

Banana Cake Recipe with coconut

Banana Cake
with Coconut

Learn How To Make
Cupcakes Without Scales

Short Cuts From The 20 Minute Cook

Here's some tips to make cakes with the least number of steps

  • Make the batter in a roomy heavy based saucepan. That's because we melt the butter and sugar together rather than use the creaming method

  • Do all your mixing in this large pot. Don't waste time decanting, pouring and using lots of little bowls

  • Only ever use non-stick bake ware

  • If using removable baking tins, line with parchment or baking paper with a generous over hang.  Grip the overhang to lift the baked yummies easily out of the mold

  • Always have in your pantry the basic ingredients

  • Always pre-heat the oven - so that the oven cavity is at an even temperature.

pumpkin roll from a pumpkin roll recipe

Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin Cake made from easy pumpkin cake recipes, with a thick layer of white frosting

Pumpkin Cake

A pumpkin pie cake decorated with strawberries and kiwi Fruit

Pumpkin Pie Cake

a slice of pumpkin cheesecake


This homemade cake recipe is a maple syrup apple cake

No Fail No Scales
Easy Cakes

Slice of chocolate cake from homemade chocolate cake recipes

Chocolate Cake

Light Moist Chocolate Cake

a slice of chocolate cake from one of our easy cake recipes.

Tips For Easy Cake Recipes

Our easy cakes are so simple to prepare that you'll find these recipes have omitted every fussy procedure. There is:

  • No sifting
  • No weighing with scales
  • No creaming required (That's creaming of eggs and sugar)
  • No fussy ingredients - we only use what's commonly available from the supermarket
  • Minimal washing up

No matter that these scrumptious and moist easy cake recipes really are super easy, you will still require some basic equipment. It goes without saying, you will have an oven and a stove.

To keep the hands-on preparation time to only 20 minutes, I recommend the following equipment:

  • Non-stick baking trays. They come in all sizes, the most common are round, bundt, square, loaf and muffin trays. This saves on the hassle of lining and greasing tin baking trays. The beauty of flexible silicone trays for cakes and muffins, is, that the cakes just pop out of the mold with just a twist

  • Measuring Cup - Select one that measures in "CUPS" as well as in fluid ounces and liters. It is much easier to measure cups of flour or sugar or coconut than ounces or grams of dry ingredients

  • Measuring Spoons - Standard spoons are necessary

  • A large mixing bowl or any large roomy bowl. I find a large sauce pan is perfect as a substitute. You'll find this procedure so efficient as the batter is made in one pot then poured into the mold

  • A hand held blender - this comes in really handy for whipping cream

  • A selection of good quality wooden spoons and flat spatulas

  • A good quality heavy knife

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