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One Pot Camping Recipes

Camping recipes need to be considered if they are suitable for hiking or best for standing camps.

Camping, 1892

As scout leaders, we have years of camping experience. Here's How To Select The Best Recipes For Camping.

These camping recipes are so easy, they're prepared by the scouts.

Our tried and tested easy dutch oven recipes:

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More tasty and easy camping food ideas:

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Hikers Pasta n Salami

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Camping Menus

Hiking Camps

For camping while hiking, cooking tasty meals is a little more tricky, you'll be mostly cooking for yourself in a billy can and the food needs to keep while traveling all day in the back of a pack. These hikers' camping meals are quite simple affairs. We share our tried and tested really simple to prepare and tasty hiker's meal.

Hiking food will need to be

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • quick to cook
  • preserved to "keep" for the duration of the hike

Standing Camps

Scouts refer to camping where they set up camp and stay put for a few days as standing camps.

So, for this sort of camping, you can take with you heavy equipment such as dutch ovens. Access to this large, heavy pot means you can prepare a greater variety of simple camping meals.   Dutch Oven recipes make terrific, tasty, easy one pot meals, provided the coals are managed correctly. The list of recipes above is the simplest of our camping recipes while hiking - we've done them with the scouts over and over again and the kids enjoy creating these delicious meal.

Pasta With Salami And Vegetables

This makes 1 serving.

  • 1 x 3 oz/90 gm packet of dehydrated pasta and sauce. We usually buy the one that says it makes 4 sides. This is the ideal size for 1 a one person meal
  • 1 x salami - cut a few slices for your meal
  • 1/2 packet of dehydrated corn and peas

Pop all the ingredients into the billy with water, as instructed on the pasta packet.

Bring to boil on the camp fire. Put this on the hottest part of the fire to bring the billy to a boil.

Then simmer to cook, by moving the billy can to the side or cooler part of the fire.

This is an ideal meal with protein, carbohydrates and vegetables all in one meal. This makes a quick, tasty, hot meal and you'll feel much better with a hot dinner in your tummy.

This meal is so easy to prepare. For variety, just purchase different types of dehydrated pasta sauce. For example, on day one, you might have Pasta Carbonara on day two, enjoy Pasta Alfredo, and so on.

Camping Recipes Tips From Easy Recipes

Always wash your billy as soon as possible after cooking so that the food remains don't stick to the can.

Pack with you some spare small zip lock bags to store partially used packets of dry peas, corn and for left over salami.

Dehydrated pasta and vegetables are lightweight, compact, cook quickly with the addition of water and fit the bill perfectly as camp food. Salami is preserved so it is ideal as camp food as it keeps well unrefrigerated.

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