Hearty Breakfast Camping Recipes
For Standing Camps

Here are our hearty breakfast camping recipes suitable for standing camps. They're so simple to prepare, the scouts do this themselves.

When outdoors, you do seem to be hungrier than usual and a big breakfast is always welcome before heading out adventuring for the day.

So Simple The Kids Prepare Breakfast

We've found from experience, these are the simplest yet wholesome camping breakfast recipes that are uncomplicated to prepare, involve the children, and has the least washing up.

Make these meals in generous quantities so that your family or camping group have more than enough to fill their tummies before they start the day.

Breakfast of Bacon and Eggs with Toast

Make Toast
The children can start by grilling the toast on toaster irons over the fire.

Fry bacon
Cook the bacon then the eggs in the one skillet, so as to save on washing up.

Firstly cook the bacon, allowing 2 - 3 rashers per adult and 1 - 2 rashers per child.

Do NOT add extra oil or fat to the pan. The bacon fat is sufficient to coat the skillet.

Cook on a moderately high heat.

When cooked, lift bacon out of the pan onto a serving plate lined with paper towels. This is to absorb the fat. Place this close to the fire so as to keep them warm.

Cook Eggs

The fastest way to cook for several people is to make scrambled eggs.

Allow 2 eggs per adult and 1 egg per child.

Beat eggs in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Add a dash of milk if you wish to extend it a little, but take care as it if it is over cooked, it becomes watery.

Cook in the fry pan with left over bacon fat, on moderate heat. Leave it to firm then stir it up to scramble the eggs.

If you happen to have brought chives with you, it will be a lovely garnish.

We would not recommend frying sunny side up eggs unless you can cook several at a time.

Omelet with Toast For Breakfast

Start by getting the kids to make toast on the toasting irons.

To cook omelets it's best to use a small skillet that will do one omelet at a time.

Allow 2 eggs per person.

Beat eggs. Season with salt and pepper.

Melt a little butter in a small skillet, then pour in beaten eggs. Cook on moderate heat till it firms.

Add grated tasty cheese.

Fold it over ...and you have your omelet!

Beans On Toast

Get the kids to start making a batch of toast using toasting irons over the fire. They'll have a terrific time.

In the meantime, pour cans of baked beans into a billy can and warm through over the fire.

You can, cut up some salami or ham and add it to the beans to warm through.

For hearty breakfast quantities, allow one can of beans for 2 adults and 3 children.

Pancakes with Syrup or Spread

Make pancakes only if you have time for a leisurely breakfast as these can only be made one at a time.

Make pancake mix according to instructions.

Serve with maple syrup, jam and a favorite with the kids is Nutella.


Use only quick oats as oats takes too long to cook.

1 cup of oats will make sufficient porridge for 4 persons.

The proportions are one cup of oats to 2 1/2 cups of milk.

Pop the oats and milk in the billy.

Cook till it boils then turn the heat down to simmer till the oats are soft.

Serve with brown sugar or jam.

Enjoy these hearty breakfast camping recipes! There's nothing like a warm and filling breakfast when you're outdoors.

Breakfast camping recipes for hiking camps are very different as you won't have the luxury of storing large quantities of food and you won't have access to heavy skillets or dutch ovens. Go to Simple Breakfast Camping Recipes For Hiking Camps for some ideas.

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