One Pot
Camping Cooking Recipes

Our one pot camping cooking recipes, are tried and tested. We spent years as scout leaders and these easy camping recipes are perennial favorites with the campers.

Camp Dutch Oven

Here are our easy one pot cooking recipes

Equipment: A Dutch Oven

These recipes are for 8 servings, but can be adjusted proportionately for more or less servings.

They're such easy recipes that the kids will do the shopping, attend to the cooking and wash up after dinner. Camping gives the children such skills in independence.

Dutch Oven

A dutch oven is a heavy steel or iron pot used for long slow cooking on a camp fire or on camp coals.

We would use this piece of equipment only at standing camps. These are camps where you set up camp and stay put, so you're able to bring in heavy equipment such as large tents to make dining tents, large pieces of timber to form tables and benches, and as well, heavy cooking equipment like a dutch oven.

These one pot cooking recipes are simple to prepare, and the result is a tasty, hearty meal which is exactly what's welcome after an active day outdoors.

These easy camping meals are simple to put together but, you do need to cart in the ingredients. They really are not suitable for hiking camps, where dehydrated food is best given the weight limitations.


One piece of advice about one pot cooking at camp - the secret is all in the coals. If all your dinner is in the one pan, take care to make it tasty, moist and well cooked.

Put in all the ingredients, add sufficient water so that it does not boil dry, cover with the lid, and place it in coals and not directly on the fire. When you're camping, there's no stove to control the heat of the flame, so learn to use coals to graduate the temperature.

Be certain that the heavy camping vessel has a tight fitting lid.

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