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Scrumptious Easy
Baking Recipes

We admit it! Our baking recipes are really simple and most take less than 20 minutes hands-on time.  We're really about finding the quickest way to create a tasty treat.

No yeast homemade bread recipes

Bread Recipes

Easy cake recipes - a slice of moist chocolate cake with icing


Easy Fudge

This lovely slice of tart topped with cream is from a jamie oliver recipe for chocolate tart

Chocolate Tart

This homemade cake recipe is a maple syrup apple cake

No Fail No Scales
Easy Cakes

The Cheat's
Croissant Recipe


You Won't Believe
How Easy This Is

Table Of Common
Weight Conversions

Volume to Cup

How To
Separate Eggs


Pumpkin Cake Recipes

So Easy Pumpkin
Cake Recipes

Gallery of
Yummy Brownies

Pumpkin Cake made from easy pumpkin cake recipes, with a thick layer of white frosting

Pumpkin Cake

Banana Cake Recipe with coconut

Banana Cake
with Coconut

Lemon Tart. So Easy So Delicious

Delicious So Simple
Lemon Tart

Pumpkin Cake

Moist banana cake next to a note pad

Banana Cake

A Moist Brownie Recipe

3 Layer

This banana bread was made with our easy banana bread recipe

Banana Bread

easy chocolate croissants

Cheat's Chocolate

Photo Tutorial
Short Cut Croisants

Elegant Pumpkin Pie in Filo Pastry

Elegant Pumpkin
Pie In Filo

Two slices of the best easy brownies served for dessert with cream

Jamie Oliver
Inspired Brownies

A slice of traditional pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Pie

A new twist on pumpkin bread recipe - with olives

New Twist On
Pumpkin Bread

The word "Chocolate" written

Decadent Double
Chocolate Pie

Chocolate and
Coconut Cupcakes

easy apple pie recipe - latticed pastry apple pie

Super Easy
Apple Pie

Pumpkin and
Feta Pie

Tips For Baking Recipes

There's no need for fancy cake mixers and a plethora of equipment but there are some essential pieces of equipment

  • access to an oven

  • sturdy wooden spoons - at least two

  • a large mixing bowl or at least a roomy 6 quart saucepot. I use a large spaghetti pot to mix my cake and cookie batters

  • non-stick bakeware.  No one has time to waste so invest a few dollars more in non-stick bakeware so you never have to spend time lining and greasing pans

  • a hand held blender for whipping cream. Blenders are not expensive 

  • a 4 cup measuring jug

My number one tip: Always use the best quality ingredients - it really does make a difference to the flavor of your cooking.

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