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Easy Camping Recipes

Here we share our family's tried and tested easy camping recipes and yummy picnic ideas.

A Dutch Oven for easy camping recipes

Camping Recipes

A filled picnic basket

Easy Picnics

Cooking a damper recipe on a fire - hand adjusting cooking to open famp fire

Camp Damper

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Scouts Favorite
Camping Recipes

Camping cooking recipes in a one pot dutch oven hanging from a tripod

One Pot
Camp Cooking

Camping Recipe of a hearty camping minestrone

Hearty Camping

A Dutch Oven recipe of beef and rice

Dutch Oven Fruity
Chutney Beef

Easy Dutch
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Pumpkin Soup

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All In One
Beef & Rice

A dutch oven camping recipe of roast leg of lamb

Dutch Oven
Roast Lamb

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Easy Camping Recipes All Time Favorite
Australian Damper

You can't go past this easy damper. This is an Australian Outback recipe that we've made in all our camping trips.

We know that food is not just a focal point of outdoor living, it is a morale booster. Our family has years of camping experience as the children have been involved with scouts since little, so here's our family's "always works" repetoire that are so easy, the kids do the cooking at camp!

We have our tried and tested camp meals as we've been enjoying outdoor activities as a family for yonks!

Tips For Camp Meals

Plan ahead

You need to plan your menu BEFORE you leave home, starting with simpler meals and progressing to more complex ones as you develop your outdoor cooking skills.

Roster cooking duties

We find that when you're in a group situation at camp, it is best to take turns cooking. This takes the pressure off preparation as well as allowing days of rest for each member of the group.

Make it really simple

Remember, cooking at camp sites is a learned experience. There's no temperature control, no microwave oven for re-heating, no sink for convenient washing up. So, we aim for meals that are prepared in one pot and cooked straight on the fire.

There is an art to cooking on the fire without burning your meal.

If you're new to camping, I suggest you read these two pages firstly.

Whether you're planning a picnic, short overnight walk or an extended outdoor trip, one of the most important considerations is food.  We've learnt from hard won experience that the best meals when there is no equipment other than coals and a dutch oven is to make the meals simple, tasty and hearty. 

Good meals on your camp can make the difference between an average trip and a good one.

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