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Scout Camping Recipes

We've had years of experience with scout camping recipes having led many hikes, practice camps at the scout hall, District Camps, Regional Camps, Jamborees and camps just for fun. Here are our scouts trusty and always reliably tasty recipes and below is their best standing camp menu.

Cooking a damper recipe on a fire - hand adjusting cooking to open famp fire

Camp Damper

A dutch oven camping recipe of roast leg of lamb

Dutch Oven
Roast Lamb

mince beef for dutch oven camping recipes

All In One
Beef & Rice

An open camp fire - Recipes for camping

Scouts Favorite
Camping Recipes

The Secret To Camp Cooking

cook directly on the coals, but to create a smaller area of coals for cooking.

Control the temperature by moving coals around.

A Dutch Oven recipe of beef and rice

Dutch Oven Fruity
Chutney Beef

Camping cooking recipes in a one pot dutch oven hanging from a tripod

One Pot
Camp Cooking

Easy Dutch
Oven Recipes

Camping Recipe of a hearty camping minestrone

Hearty Camping

Cut pumpkin for an easy camping recipe

Pumpkin Soup

Scout Camping Meal Recipes

As scout leaders, we have years of camping experience and we have our repetoire of our Best Camping Recipes.These are recipes the kids cook for themselves with little to no supervision.

For more tried and tested camping recipes:

Hikers Pasta n Salami

Simple Camping Breakfast Recipes For Hiking Camps

Scout Camping Recipes - Best Standing Camp Menu

Hearty Breakfast Camping Recipes For Standing Camps

Camping Recipes For Kids - Toasted Marshmallows With Chocolate Wheatens

Camping Menus

Here is our trusty scout standing camp menu and providing your scouts take some care with hygiene and presentation, this is an award winning menu.

Entree: Pumpkin Soup

Mains: Roast Leg of Lamb

Dessert: Chocolate Fondue

It helps if the standing camp is set up nicely with poles that are straight and a dining fly that's not flapping about. The younger scouts can make a gate so that there's a clear entrance way to the scout group's camp site.

As with most things, presentation is everything. These scout camping recipes might be simple and tasty but to win the prize, the meal and the dining tent still has to look the part.

All of these recipes are remarkably simple to prepare and very tasty. The skill is in handling the coals so that the food is not burnt and neither are the kids.

Two large dutch ovens are required for each of the soup and the roast lamb with vegetables.

A normal sized saucepan is required for melting the chocolate for the fondue.

Pumpkin Soup For Campers

Go to Pumpkin Soup For Campers for an easy recipe that the scouts can handle easily.

The older scouts will need to peel away the skin with a heavy sharp knife but the rest of the recipe can be performed by the younger ones.

Bring a potato masher to "mush" the pumpkin.

This makes the most delicious soup.

Easy Roast Leg Of Lamb

The leg of lamb is cooked in a dutch oven. Go to Easy Roast Leg Of Lamb for our scout recipe. This is a tried and tested recipe and the scouts do this on their own quite well.

As with camp cooking, take note of how the coals are placed. This is the secret of camp cooking.

Purchase a marinated butterflied leg of lamb so that it takes just 45 minutes to cook rather than 1 1/2 to 2 hours for a whole leg of lamb.

Easy Chocolate Fondue and Strawberries

You'll need:

1 block of chocolate

1/2 cup of thickened cream

several punnets of strawberries. Allow 6 strawberries per person.

Not only is this easy for the scouts to make, but the kids just love it. Hygiene is the main issue here. It will be good if the kids washed the strawberries then left them alone. It has been known for scouts to tuck into the washed berries with their sticky hands.

All that is required is for a block of chocolate to be melted GENTLY in a saucepan with 1/2 cup of thickened cream. Use only good quality chocolate.

It's best to melt it on a very, very low fire on the gas burner.

Never add water or milk to the chocolate to liquify it. Just leave it to melt slowly.

With clean green sticks, skewer the strawberries and dip them into the melted chocolate.

This menu of 3 dishes has won our scout group the dinner prize many a time, but I suspect it's mainly because our scouts have worked out how to cook the lamb just right on coals. It comes out sweet and tender.

The scouts can't fail with the pumpkin soup and chocolate fondue, so I'd recommend a practice camp for the scouts to figure out cooking the roast lamb in a dutch oven on coals.

A Treat For Supper

This is the most popular treat ever!

Go to Camping Recipes For Kids - Toasted Marshmallows With Chocolate Wheatens for a treat the scouts will always remember.

Invite the neighbouring groups for a supper party. The other group can bring the hot chocolate while your group supplies the yummy treat.

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