Simply ORganic Oregano

Simply Organic Oregano in a 0.75 ounce bottle. Certified Organic

Simply Organic Oregano Leaf Cut & Sifted Certified Organic, .75-Ounce Container

About Simply Organic Oregano

  • It comes in a 0.75 ounce bottle

  • The oregano is certified organic - this means it is a non-GMO product (not Genetically Modified), there is no usage of pesticides and chemicals

  • The leaf is fine cut and sifted

  • The oregano is an extra fancy, organic Mediterranean oregano with a high oil content for potency in flavor

  • The product is kosher

  • Gluten free

  • Simply Organic is part of the Frontier Co-op group, responsible to the planet  and its peoples

  • Frontier sells the same product in one pound bags

  • 1% of revenues goes to support organic farming

  • Use the herb for roasts, stews, casseroles to add depth and richness to flavor. Add to pizzas for a delicious aroma

  • Reviewers were mostly happy with the flavor and the product, especially the fact that it is organic, although one reviewer complained that the smell was off. Reviewers were very happy with the freshness,  it is very aromatic and have used it with good results

  • Easy Recipes Tip: Unless you cook a lot, it is best not to purchase large quantities of herbs as they do go off. It's the oil content in the oregano that goes rancid

  • Easy Recipes Tip: Always screw the lid back on tightly and store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight

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