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30 Minute Meals!

In this bestseller, the British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver teaches you how to have an entire meal, done in 30 minutes, but you have to do things EXACTLY as he says with no compromises.

This book topped the December 2012 Christmas Book Sales in UK with the Guiness Book of Records coming in second.

Ok, what do I like about Jamie Oliver?

Well, he's cute, I love his British accent and I especially like that he makes cooking "real", practical and just so down to earth.

... and what a wonderful sense of humor!

Here's a review from UK's The Telegraph :

"Jamie’s 30-minute Meals, features 50 ideas for quick three-course meals, with all the recipes for main course, starter or side-dish and pudding fitted onto one page.

They include, for instance, spinach and feta filo pie, with cucumber salad, tomato salad and coated ice cream. He claims that amateur cooks can whip up entire meals in the time most people take to assemble just one dish by being organised."

About Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meals

This book is NOT about Fast Food, but about healthy eating cooked with fresh ingredients and done quick smart in 30 minutes.

Wow! this is not about getting one dish ready from his 30 minute meal recipes,  but meals and as Jamie puts it - feasts!

In this 288 page hardback best seller, Jamie Oliver tells us firstly to get organized! Your kitchen's got to be just so, with equipment, herbs, dry stores, fresh produce, tools in the right place.  Being prepared is the only way to work if you want to achieve 30 minute meals. 

It is do-able.

I know that with my own easy recipes, it's easy  only because the kitchen and pantry is organized and everything is cleaned and stored in its place. Don't ever waste time looking for stuff and hunting through old jars for bits of spice.

The way Jamie recommends is what I do - prepare ahead, get the ingredients ahead of time then FOCUS and be like a machine in those 30 minutes of your life. I do this often, admittedly not a whole feast, but easily 30 minute meals will comprise 2 to 3 dishes.

He's OK with you substituting a recommended herb for another like one, or spice or some other ingredient, but not if you're substituting a salad with a stir fry. He insists, quite reasonably that if you're to get a meal, not just a dish, but entire meals for your family, friends and mates, on the table in half an hour, you have to strictly follow the steps in this book.

I highly recommend Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals.


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