Easy Appetizer Recipes

Discover elegant easy appetizer recipes that are surprisingly easy to prepare and best of all, these appetizers can be made days in advance and frozen.

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Appetizers Prior To Dinner Parties

Appetizers are the little yummy morsels served just prior to sitting down at a formal dinner party.  As they are usually served while your guests are standing around chatting with a drink in one hand, appetizers need to be small, just a mouthful, easy to manage with one hand, and not overly tasty and not too many servings. 

Appetizers are best served looking classy on your best serving platters.

Appetizers are meant to keep hunger at bay while the final touches are being made to the dishes served for dinner - so, not too many, but enough to whet their appetite for dinner.

Appetizers For Drinks/Cocktail Parties

It's common these days to have drinks or cocktail parties instead of formal dinner parties.  Drinks and cocktail parties are casual affairs where your guests move easily  from one group to another.  At these parties, you'd serve several types of appetizers and a generous selection and quantity so that your guests don't go hungry.  At these parties, you won't be serving dinner, so these appetizers may be all they'll have to eat all evening.

These parties are much easier to manage as you can have more guests than the number of seats at your dinner table and the washing up is minimized - after all, you're serving little hand held morsels. 

For cocktail parties, you'll need a number of pre-prepared appetizers so as to reduce your work on the day of your party.

This section has a number of appetizer recipes which can be prepared days ahead and frozen. Start thawing the appetizer 24 hours before the event. As usual, take care to defrost them in the refrigerator

This leaves you time, on the day of your cocktail or drinks party, to focus on preparing your home, getting the drinks ready, arranging flowers and be sure to get a little rest before your guests arrive.

The Most Elegant Appetizer

Here is the simplest yet most elegant of our quick and easy appetizer recipes - Salmon Vol-au-Vents.

They fit the bill perfectly - they're a small morsel, easy to manage with one hand, delicious, look classy, and are sure to whet the appetite.

Now, this appetizer does not freeze well but they're so easy to make, that our kids usually help out by making these on the day.

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