Guacamole Recipe

I find this easy guacamole recipe an ideal starter when you're planning an easy dinner party menu.

Talk about easy appetizer recipes!

It's an elegant dip for when your guests are mingling. While it is an easy dip, garnish attractively and surround the little container of dip with crunchy warm corn chips.

Rating: Incredibly Easy
Ingredients: 3
Steps: 1

Guacamole is a dip of mashed, very ripe, avocados seasoned and I add a little sour cream to give it some depth.

You'd generally serve the dip in a little bowl, about the volume of a cup, placed on a flat platter surrounded by plain dry crackers or corn chips.

You could either place this, together with other appetizers on a serving table or pass around the selection of starters.

We also make up this easy guacamole as a healthy snack for the family and spread it generously on fresh bread.