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Easy Recipes To Make
How To Cook Efficiently

I know that since you're here at this site looking for easy recipes to make, you are run off your feet with time commitments to your work, business and the family.

My Basic Equipment

My Basic Equipment

You're busy.

But, the family still needs to have nutritious meals.

And you still have to cook.

How To Make Cooking Quick And Easy
For busy moms, finding quick easy recipes to make is just the first step in managing your cooking obligations.

Tips for cooking efficiently:

  • Be efficient - when you're cooking, cook for several meals and freeze the surplus.
  • Be quick - find recipes that don't have fussy ingredients and don't waste time measuring and weighing precisely. If you have a 250gm packet of raisins and the recipe calls for 125 grams, just use about 1/2 the contents. A block of butter is 250 gm. If the recipe asks for 100 gm, look for the 2/5 bar on the butter packaging. That'll be the mark for 100gm.
  • Measure using cup measurements. Don't weigh. Look for recipes that ask for say 1 1/2 cups of flour and not grams of flour or sugar.
  • Choose easy recipes to make, or one pot recipes.
  • Minimize equipment - Forget about the extraneous appliances such as an electric mixer - that's just more washing up.
  • My basic tools, which I use over and over again are:
    • A large pot - I mix everything in this, even cakes
    • A flat wooden spoon
    • A large measuring cup - size of 4 cups or 1 liter
    • A heavy good quality sharp knife and sturdy chopping board
    • An electric fry pan
    • A potato masher
    • Silicone cake baking trays
  • Minimize washing up - use the least number of pots and wash up as you go along
  • Do a big cook once every 3 - 4 weeks and cook 5 different meals that will freeze 2 - 3 family meals each. In this one big cook, you'll have 10 - 15 dishes ready for freezing.
  • The meals from the big cook will mean you need not cook afresh every work night as the defrosted meals will be available for the family. You only need to cook the staples such as potato, rice, pasta or serve bread with the meal.

    On weekend nights you can enjoy a simple easy meal freshly cooked that the family will enjoy.

    Having a store of frozen homemade meals takes the pressure off.

  • Always serve nutritious meals - the one thing you cannot compromise on is the health of your family. While the main meal can be a defrosted frozen pre-cooked meal, it is always best to serve a fresh salad and fresh fruit with the meal.

    Drink water with meals. Try not to have soft drink or fruit juice at home.

  • Use the best quality meat and vegetables. With easy recipes, you can't hide the quality by over-saucing. You also save time by not having to trim off fat on the meat.
  • Visitors - There is no need to worry about making fancy, gourmet meals when you have visitors over. Your tasty "easy recipes to make" meals work just fine served in your best crockery on a beautifully set table laid with silver and crystal.
  • Teach the children to rinse their dishes after their meal and pop it straight into the dishwasher.

  • Wishing you happy cooking!

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    How To Cook Efficiently

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