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Easy Chicken Recipes

Here's our collection of easy chicken recipes which range from lovely fresh salads, to tasty casseroles and bakes and the ever popular moist roasts. There's nothing like healthy chicken recipes for delicious, tasty, nutritious food that's also simple to prepare.

As with all our recipes, they are all rated E-A-S-Y.

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Here's our delicious chicken salad from our collection of easy salad recipes

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Chicken Breasts and Stir Fry Veg

A Healthy Simple Meal

Rating:  Easy

Ingredients:  7

Steps:  4

Easy Chicken Recipes - Chicken Stir Fry

Easy Chicken And Veg Stir Fry

You'll need:

•    1.5 kg /10 full breast Chicken Breast

•    1 large onion, diced

•    3 carrots, sliced

•    3 large zucchini, sliced

•    1/4 cup /100 ml thickened cream

•    2 chicken stock cubes

•    1/4 cup water

Here's how to cook this delicious healthy meal:
•    Heat the electric fry pan to very hot

•    Place the breast into the fry pan to brown

•    When browned on both sides, turn the heat to moderate

•    In the meantime, chop up the vegetables.  Cut up the zucchini and carrots into rounds and dice the onion

•    When the meat is cooked, move it to the sides of the electric frypan, where it is cooler

•    Fry the onions 

•    When soft, toss in the carrots

•    Combine it about for a few minutes and toss in the cut up zucchini

•    Add the stock cubes, broken into powder

•    Add water, stir through

•    Add salt pepper, sugar to taste

•    Pour in the cream. Stir it well through the meat and sauce

•Cook for a few more minutes to reduce the sauce. 

Serve with fluffy freshly cooked rice.

Tips From Easy Recipes

Now, this healthy recipe has to be the simplest of easy chicken recipes.

...and it takes about 15 minutes including time to chop up the vegetables!

I use a non-stick electric frypan to get enough room to brown the meat in one go and also to minimize the use of oil in my healthy meals. It's ideal for one-pan cooking.

This recipe makes 10 serves.  In our family, this does 2 evening meals for 4 persons and 2 school lunches.  The moist tasty and filling meal of protein and veg is packed with protein and fiber, ideal for dieters and for healthy eating.

Breast meat is preferred for freshly cooked  stir fry. The meat is more delicate than thigh portions and must be cooked quickly as it has little imbedded fat.  So, take care not to overcook this cut of meat.

The secret with easy chicken recipes is to flatten out large portions such as whole sections of breast or thigh  so that it cooks evenly.  You do this by butterflying the chicken portion.

This is an ideal healthy dish for when you have no time to cook. It takes all of 15 minutes and you have enough for another meal and to decant into a couple of lunch boxes as well.

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