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Chicken Chausseur

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Chicken Chausseur, is one of our easy French recipes, made even easier by being a one pot meal.  It has the wonderful flavor of mushrooms, shallots and wine and looks sensational served with a side of greens.

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Chicken Chausseur

This recipe serves  4 - 6 persons.

This healthy recipe is suitable for doubling to make a surplus for freezing.

You'll need:
•    2 lb/1 kg chicken fillets, cut chunkily

•    1 onion, diced

•    6 large mushrooms, sliced

•    1 heaped tbs plain flour

•    3 tsp stock powder

•    1 cup water

•    1 cup dry white wine

•    1 can of diced tomatoes

•    3 shallots, diced

Here's how to put this together:   

•    Using a large electric fry pan, fry the onions then add the meat. Fry till brown

•    Add mushrooms and stir till meat and mushrooms are cooked

•    Remove cooked meat and mushrooms

•    Pour in can of tomatoes, stock powder, flour, wine, water and salt and pepper. Combine well and cook till the sauce thickens

•    Turn down heat to simmer. Return cooked chicken and mushrooms to the sauce.  Cook for a further 5 - 10 minutes

•    Stir through shallots just prior to serving

We serve this simple and elegant french dish with freshly cooked greens. Have some crusty french bread available to soak up the delicious sauces.

Enjoy this french meal with a glass of red wine!

Now, how easy and healthy was that!

Tips From Easy Recipes

Use a non-stick fry pan so as to avoid using oil in your cooking.

If you don't have a can of diced tomatoes, cut up 3 large tomatoes instead.

Be sure not to add seasoning and stock until the mushrooms are cooked. Otherwise they will sweat and your gravy will be too watery.

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