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Party Time!

Easy Food

Party Time needs party food!

Our recipes are incredibly easy and can be prepared well in advance so that you're rested and ready for your party.  Remember, keep it simple, keep it tasty and be sure there's an ample supply of food.  

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Easy Food
Party Food

Our easy food for parties is exactly that.  


Your guests come together for a terrific time, great company, "up" music and loads of tasty food.  But I don't believe in being a slave to a party either.

Our party food comprises recipes that can be prepared well in advance so that it's just a matter of thawing, reheating, then plating and garnishing. You'll have more than enough to do on the day of the party than worry about whether the raspberry coulis is just the right texture and then mess about washing up.

Frankly, that's not my idea of a good time. 

...and your guests will be led by your energy and fun nature. So, don't have the preparations suck up all that energy leaving you depleted at the party.

The secret to a great party - prepare a week in advance. 

  • Buy all the drinks, nibbles, groceries and party stuff
  • Get out all your platters and table ware. Make sure they're clean and ready for use, likewise cutlery and glasses
  • Select and save the music
  • Have ready your table linen
  • Prepare all the food that can be frozen such as soups

The day before your party

  • Set up the room with flowers, candles
  • Set the table settings
  • Set the side board with carvers, hot plates and so on
  • Prepare any food that can be chilled and stored in the refrigerator
  • Prepare cakes, desserts, cut up vegetables

The idea is to minimize the work on the day of your party, so that all you have to do before visitors arrive is to cook the mains, platter the meals and set out the cheese board and nibbles.

Keep it all simple, understated and no-fuss.

Browse through the ideas for easy recipes. It does not have to be gourmet cooking but take the trouble to garnish the meal beautifully and the table settings should look lovely.

The tip to Faking it? Always use your very best table ware, glassware, flatware and platters. Take a little trouble to garnish - it's just sprigs of parsley or chopped chives. Truly, it's the same recipes but when food looks the part, it always tastes much better.

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