Picnic Food Ideas

Most Popular Picnic Food Ideas

A Moist Brownie Recipe

3 Layer

Easy Candy recipes includes this no-copha coconut candy


Moist banana cake next to a note pad

Banana Cake

No yeast homemade bread recipes

Bread Recipes

bacon and egg mini pies - an easy appetizer recipe

Bacon and Egg
Mini "Pies"

easy apple pie recipe - latticed pastry apple pie

Super Easy
Apple Pie

An easy zucchini Bread Recipe

Easy Zucchini
Bread Recipe

Make this moist meatloaf with a homemade meatloaf recipe

Meat Loaf With
Pecans & Dates

Pumpkin and
Feta Pie

More Simple Picnic Food

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Picnic Dessert Food Ideas

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Easy Banana Bread - A Quick Picnic Food

Ideas For Picnic Food

The Ideal Picnic Food:

I've found that the best ideas for picnic food are the ones that:

  • can be prepared well beforehand
  • travel well - that means it is not crumbly
  • easy to eat, for example it's not too liquidy or too much gravy
  • ideally eaten with hands
  • easily stored in a container - for example, a chiffon pie takes up too much room while stored for traveling
  • naturally, the picnic food must be tasty and "fills the spot" as everyone's invariably extra hungry when outdoors

Get Picnic Food Ideas from Appetizers

Appetizers also make excellent picnic foods as they are small, just a couple of mouthfuls and are firm enough to be eaten without cutlery. The very simple and delicious recipe for little ham and egg "pielets" fits the bill - it's incredibly delicious, ever so simple to make and travels well. Oh, serve this with a crunchy salad. It looks divine served on cheery white plates placed on a checkered picnic cloth.

Select Make Ahead Picnic Food

That's why our family's ideas for the selection of picnic food includes slices, bars, breads, pies all of which are made easily and quickly prior to the picnic and easily frozen. These selections and ideas for picnic food which are delicious and thaw beautifully mean they'll be polished off by your hungry friends and family in no time at all.

Picnic Gear

While many picnic foods can be eaten with hands, such as the no yeast breads, slices and bars, don't forget to bring lightweight cutlery and plates to serve food such as the pumpkin and apple pie. These two pies particularly have firm but moist fillings, and so are suitable for picnics.  Ideas for picnic gear can be simple plastic salad plates to use around the pool - you don't require anything special. 

...and don't forget bottles of water, a roll of kitchen paper and a couple of tea towels. They always come in handy. One of my ideas that works well is a prepacked carrier box of picnic stuff including the dog's water bowl.

My Little Secret Picnic Food Tip

Now, I'd like to share with you one of my ideas that works well.

When baking treats, brownies or one of my simple no yeast savory breads, I cook one extra, cut it up when cool and freeze them in little freezer bags in 2 - 3 serve quantities.

That way, when we feel like jumping into the boat for a spin around the lake or our boys want to take their buddies out, the frozen slices are ready and available in the freezer.

As a parent, ideas like this are such a time saver and you learn pretty soon, that kids especially teenagers are ALWAYS hungry and so are all their friends who come around!

Leave Picnic Food Ideas to explore for hundreds of scrumptious yet so incredibly easy recipes.

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