Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe
Delicious Yet So Easy

In this last stage of the tutorial for this easy pumpkin pie recipe, we'll fill the pie crust shell you've made in step 1 with the tasty filling made in step 2.

Slice of pie from the easy pumpkin pie pecipe

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Final Steps To This Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe

For this stage, you'll require:

Cooked ingredients of pumpkin and bacon for the easy pumpkin pie recipe

Before starting, just check that the oven has been turned on to preheat at 350F/180C.

To fill the cooked shell, start layering the filling, starting with bacon at the base.

Cooked bacon in the base of the pastry shell

Spoon half the stewed pumpkin pieces as the next layer.

Pumpkin layer in this easy pumpkin pie recipe

Crack the eggs and drop them whole into the pie filling, in different spots around the pie.

Notice the egg yolks in amongst the pumpkin? Yep, just drop them in unbeaten.

Using a fork or the tip of a sharp knife, prick the top of the yolk. This stops the yolk exploding in the pie.

Egg yolks in amongst the cooked pumpkin

Top it off with the last layer using the rest of the stewed pumpkin pieces.

Arrange them so that there is a slight mound in the center to support the pastry top.

Pumpkin layer in this easy pumpkin pie recipe

Top with the defrosted rolled-out sheet and decorate it as you wish. In this image, I've decorated with little bobbles of surplus pastry.

Using a knife or a pair of kitchen scissors, trim away the excess so that the sheet sits neatly and snugly over the cooked pie shell.

Cut 4 to 5 deep slits in the top as vents, to allow heat to escape.

Apply egg wash.

Top pastry layer with decorations of little balls of pastry for this easy pumpkin pie recipe

Bake for 30 minutes till golden brown.

Look at this - isn't this easy pie sensational?

Easy pumpkin pie recipe baked

Allow to cool in the pan.

Then release the lever on the side of the springform pan making sure that the base is sitting stably on a flat surface.

lever on the side of the pan released

Remove the walls of the pan.

Slide the pie from the pan base onto a serving platter.

Does't this look fantastic!

Plated easy pumpkin pie


This is such a yummy pie with blended flavors from bacon, eggs and pumpkin. It is superb!

Slice from the delicious easy pumpkin pie recipe

Now, wasn't this every so easy to make!

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This easy pumpkin pie recipe made from fresh ingredients is a wholesome meal at dinner, served with beans and boiled potatoes. For dessert, we enjoyed a pumpkin pound cake drizzled over with thick cream. The meal made with these easy recipes, looked absolutely terrific!

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