Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids
Chocolate Strawberries With Nutella

This has to be the most delightful of easy dessert recipes for kids.  These are strawberries filled with Nutella and coated with melted chocolate.

This activity makes a horrific mess but it is so much fun and will be a guaranteed success! ...and on top of that, they are delightfully yummy and chocolatey.

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Chocolate Strawberries with Nutella

Caution:  Kids, be sure to have clean hands when preparing and handling food, otherwise germs will be transmitted through the food.

Step 1 - To make this easy dessert, cut off the top using a blunt knife.

cut the top off the strawberry

Step 2 - Remove the center

The center of the berry is called the hull. Remove that, so that there is a nice cavity to fill with Nutella.

Step 3 - Fill Center With Nutella

Use the back of the handle of a fine teaspoon to push in the yummy hazelnut mixture, and fill the cavity.

Step 4 - Dip it in the bowl of chocolate to coat it and place it on a plate and immediately refrigerate.

OK...I admit it... the kitchen was a horrific mess by this stage and the photos are of a kitchen that is just too much of a disaster to publish.

...but they were still delicious!

This dessert is deliciously full of calories but you can't go past this for easy dessert recipes for kids.

The children will find this very easy to make but care will be needed as they'll need to use a knife to cut the top off the strawberries.

Here's the equipment required:

  • Small Vegetable knife - if your children are little, a butter knife is far preferable
  • chopping board
  • 2 bowls  - one for chocolate  and another for Nutella
  • A serving plate

Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids


Be prepared for a chocolate mess, but this will be a guaranteed successful activity for kids.

The children will find this very easy to make and will need to use a knife to cut the top off the berries.

You'll  need:

•    a tube of chocolate topping (the sort for topping on ice cream)

•    strawberries - allow 4 strawberries per person

•    a jar of Nutella

Have fun preparing this together!

•    Refrigerate strawberries prior to activity so that it is cold

•    Pour some chocolate topping into a bowl and decant Nutella into another bowl

•    Be sure the children have washed their hands thoroughly before handling any of the food.

•    Cut the top off the strawberry and remove the center hull. It's the base of the little leaves. This will leave a center cavity

•    Fill the hollow of the strawberry with Nutella. Use the back of a fine teaspoon to push in the hazelnut spread

•    To coat the fruit, pop the whole fruit into the bowl of topping coating the entire strawberry

•    Place the coated berry onto serving plate and chill in the refrigerator for no more than a couple of hours

•    Allow the chocolate will harden before serving

•    Serve this scrumptious dessert with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream

Tips For Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids

The kids would love to contribute towards a dinner party...let them enjoy making this dessert and watch them being praised and admired for their tasty work.

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