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Fun Recipes For Kids
Frog In A Pond

The key to Fun Recipes For Kids is to keep the activity short and it must quickly give an attractive result. Kids only have a short attention span.

Frog In a Pond:

Easy Recipes Rating: Very Easy

Fun Factor:  Joyous

Mess Factor:  Not too bad


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Looking for fun recipes for kids? Frog in a Pond fits the bill just perfectly as kids love jello, chocolate frogs and will think this activity is great fun. It fits the bill for a fun cooking activity that's quick, colorful and a tasty contribution to dessert for the family meal.

Although this is very simple, the children will need to be supervised as they will be handling hot water.

Frog In A Pond

This recipe using 2 packets of jello makes 4 dessert serves.


Saucepan, measuring jug, 4 dessert bowls.

Just Add

• 1 packet / 85 gm/ 3 oz each of green  and yellow jello

• 4 chocolate or jello frogs

How to prepare

• In a large measuring jug, make up the green jello according to instructions on the packet. Use a little less water so that the result is firmer.

• Pour into 4 individual dessert bowls

• Pop the 4 molds into the freezer to set, which will take 15 to 30 minutes

• When set, take them out and place a chocolate frog on top

• In the meantime, make up the yellow jello. Pour the yellow liquid over the frog, topping up each of the four individual molds

• Place them back in the fridge to set for a couple of hours

• Serve with ice cream or whipped cream

Easy Recipes Tips
For Fun Recipes For Kids

  • To set the "pond" a little firmer, use less water

  • To hasten the cooling, use 1/4 volume of boiling water, stir to dissolve and then add the remainder as cold water. Stir well to combine

  • Find recipes that are not just easy but also quick as kids attention span is limited

  • Stay cool, stay relaxed. Your kitchen will be a mess after the kids have been at it. It's okay. The clean up can be later

  • Stay safe though. Teach the children to wipe up spills immediately so that it does not cause slips. It's not just spills on the floor. Take care with spills on the bench as left, the mess can drip onto the floor

  • Recipes that do not use the oven or stove are probably best when children are cooking

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