Easy Kid Recipe
Bacon n Banana Bites

This easy kid recipe is a simple one for kids to manage. But they do need to be old enough to safely use the grill.

  • Cut bananas into 1 inch or 2.5 cm slices.
  • Trim rind and fat off bacon.
  • Wrap the bacon around the banana.
  • Fix with toothpick.
  • Make several and place on the grill tray.
  • Grill till bacon is crisp.
  • Serve these yummy bacon n banana bites hot.

The younger children could cut up the bananas and the older ones can manage the grill.

Here's a variation to Bacon Banana Bites.

Ham n Fruit Bites

  • Substitute bacon with sliced ham. This will be easier for the little ones to handle. The ham slices should be cut in half, so that it is rectangular.
  • Wrap the ham around a piece of fruit.
  • You could replace the piece of banana with quartered tinned apricots. I've found using tinned apricots preferable to dried apricots as the latter is overly sweet and has a tougher texture.

  • Skewer with a toothpick to keep the ham in place. With this variation, there is no need to grill the ham n fruit bite.

These will make lovely little bites and suits littler ones as it does not involve using the grill.

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