Kids Lunch Ideas
Healthy Easy Sandwich Filling Ideas

Here are our kids lunch ideas that are healthy and easy to prepare.


The filling ideas on this page work just as well on either regular sandwich bread, crusty bread, Lebanese flat bread or fine flat bread.


The most healthy spread is low fat cream cheese such as Philadelphia cheese. This is much healthier than using butter, which although is natural and tasty, is high in fat.

We never use synthetic food such as margarine.


  • Egg and Cucumber - cook hard boiled eggs, mash with a fork, season with salt and pepper. Slice cucumbers
  • Sardines and Tomato - use tinned sardines in tomato sauce. Mash with a fork, season with a little salt and pepper. This is an ideal kids lunch only if it is to be consumed immediately. It's not suitable as a packed lunch as tomatoes make sandwiches go soggy and likewise sardines.
  • Ham, Lettuce and Mayonnaise - spread the mayo between the ham and lettuce so as not to make the bread soggy
  • smoked salmon and lettuce - always delicious with lashings of cream cheese
  • Cheese and ham with seeded mustard - use low fat sliced cheese for a healthy alternative
  • Turkey and lettuce with red pesto - very tasty

Here are some more kid lunch ideas, suitable to have at home:

  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Cheesy Omelet and Toast
  • Soft Boiled Eggs on Toast
  • Hawaiian Toasted Sandwich
  • Cheese and Bacon Damper

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Wishing you happy cooking!

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Healthy Easy Sandwich Filling Ideas

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