Easy Healthy Recipes For Kids
Tasty No-Cook Chicken n Bean Salad

Healthy recipes for kids which they can prepare on their own is real find as it teaches children independence and how to eat healthily.

This recipe will require the children to use a can opener and a small knife to dice chicken and vegetables for the salad. This is a NO-COOK meal so there is no need to use the stove or oven.

This simple meal takes just 5 ingredients and is tasty and attractive. Ideally, this dish will get the kids "hooked" on healthy salads.

Easy Healthy Recipes For Kids
Tasty No-Cook Chicken n Bean Salad

This recipe makes just 2 small servings.

Just Add Prepare
• 1/2 can mixed beans, drained

• 1/2 cup of diced roast chicken meat or smoked chicken or diced sandwich chicken slices

• 4 large lettuce leaves ( any lettuce, the most common is iceberg lettuce), washed and dried

• 1 tomato, sliced

• 1/2 red capsicum/ bell pepper, diced

• a pinch of salt and a shake of pepper to taste

EQUIPMENT - Can opener, vegetable knife, chopping board, salad bowl

• Wash all the vegetables and allow to dry

• Break up the lettuce leaves into bite sized pieces

• Slice tomatoes, dice capsicum

• Toss vegetables into a salad bowl

• Dice chicken meat into small squares, toss in with salad

• Drain can of mixed beans. Use 1/2 the contents and add to salad bowl dr

• Season with a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper. Combine gently with salad serves.

Now, how easy was that!

This makes an easy, tasty meal the children can prepare.

Enjoy with crusty bread.

As a spread, use low fat cream cheese such as Philadelphia Cheese.


Roast chicken or smoked chicken is best as there is lots of flavor in the meat. Don't use boiled chicken meat as there is not much taste in this meat.

If the children prefer a dressing, make one in a jar with:
white wine vinegar
good quality olive oil - equal proportion to vinegar
seeded mustard
salt and pepper


Wasn't that just the easiest of healthy recipes for kids? It has protein from the chicken and beans, carbohydrates from the beans and bread and natural vitamins and minerals from the fresh uncooked vegetables.

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Wishing you happy cooking!

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Tasty No-Cook Chicken n Bean Salad

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