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Easy Frothy Spider

Looking for fun easy recipes for kids? The secret is to keep the activity short as kids only have a short attention span.  Our visitors have rated these the TOP 3 Fun And Easy Recipes For Kids.

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Easy Frothy Spider

This easy spider is very simple to prepare, with everyday ingredients you're certain to have in your pantry and the children will have such fun watching it bubble over.  Naturally, it's sweet, cool and delicious.

You can't go wrong with this fun activity for kids.

Even your littlest children can manage this simple fun activity!

You'll need:

  • a bottle of chilled soft drink - generally lemonade

  • vanilla ice cream

  • Tall glasses, ideally made from plastic.  I use our tall plastic cups for use by our pool.

Here's the fun activity:

  • Chill the glasses in the fridge for at least an hour

  • Pour chilled lemonade only half way up the chilled glass

  • Pop in a scoop of vanilla ice cream

  • As garnish, top with a half a piece of strawberry

  • Watch the ice cream froth and bubble up the glass

Enjoy immediately!

Tips For Frothy Spider

Variation: Here are fun variations to our Frothy Spider - the kids will have such fun experimenting the options.

  • Soft drink - use any carbonated/ bubbly soft drink, such as Pepsi or Coca Cola, Fanta, Mountain Juice

  • Some families don't encourage soft drink and I sympathize as I'm in that category. So use a mixture of half fruit juice such as blackcurrant or apple juice and half soda water for the frothy effect

  • Ice cream - Vanilla ice cream does seem to work best as the flavor goes with just about any soft drink. But for fun try rainbow colored ice cream - that's vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavored ice cream

  • Garnish - soft fruit is best such as a slice of kiwi fruit or strawberry on the edge of the plastic cup 

  • For something different, sprinkle hundreds and thousands on the ice cream as it froths

  • The frothiness does go overboard and will spill - so be sure to conduct this activity where a mess can be quickly cleaned up.

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