Recipes For Camping

These are our scouts favorite recipes for camping that they make for themselves. They're such easy camping meals, that our kids will shop for their own food, cook it themselves and wash up after themselves. What is amazing is that they won't do this at home, but are clearly very capable when they're in the bush.

I share these with you as clearly, it's camp food that "works".


Scroggin is energy packed snacks that the kids eat or rather graze on all day as they hike. It's light weight, easy to "keep", and tasty.

In a zip lock plastic bag, mix together:

  • chocolate - broken into small pieces
  • sultanas
  • any dried fruit - we like dried mango, apricot, apple
  • maltesers
  • nuts of your choice - just take care if it's peanuts, that the kids do not share it with others, in case of a peanut allergy
  • meat - such as pieces of beef jerky or twiggy sticks. Some kids don't like to mix meat with their scroggin as they think it makes the chocolate taste odd.

Take small zip lock bags and decant into it a day's worth of scroggin.

The campers make up their own scroggin at home, to their liking. It's like a personal snack bag.

Breakfast At Camp

Our scouts seem to like these camp breakfasts:

  • Pancakes
  • Bacon and eggs
  • Cereal and milk or yoghurt
  • Toast with spread
  • Lebanese flat bread with spread

When hiking, the most practical camping breakfasts are:

Cereal and reconstituted powdered milk

Lebanese flat bread with spreads such as nutella, peanut butter or jam in little sachets. This bread is thick and seems to keep for much longer than other breads. It's also practical as you don't have to worry about it being delicate or if it will get squashed.

The flat bread is ideal, for lunches as well.

There's more on this topic on: How To Select The Best Camping Recipes.

Favorite One Pot Meals

Here are some easy recipes for camping that are simple one pot meals:

More Ideas and Recipes For Camping:

We've been involved with the local scout group for years as our children have gone through the whole scouting hierarchy and we've been involved as volunteer leaders.

We think the kids love scouts because of the sense of independence it gives them besides the fellowships with the other kids and the leadership skills they learn as they teach scout craft to the younger scouts, or "scubs" as they're affectionately called.

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