Camping Breakfast Recipes
For Hiking Camps

Here are a couple of our simple camping breakfast recipes that have not failed us on our hiking camps.

Hiking camp meals are very different from those at a standing camp as you won't have access to pots, pans and skillets, you may not have access to surplus water for washing up. We usually only carry with us a billy can which has to do duty for all the cooking and boiling.

... and of course, the food has to be lightweight, dehydrated, easy to cook and must "keep" well.

These are our trusty simple camping breakfast recipes that are wholesome, hearty, filling and require little work to prepare.

Pack milk powder which can be reconstituted by adding water. Use this milk for your breakfast cereal, coffee and porridge.

Porridge / Oats

Oats for breakfast is ideal - While only a small amount to carry, when cooked, though, it bulks up to make a substantial warm and nutritious breakfast.

Only ever use Quick Oats as the basic oats take too long to cook.

The proportions are 1/2 cup of oats for 2 persons.

Add 2 cups water or milk to 1/2 cup oats and boil in the billy. Then reduce heat to simmer and cook till the oats are soft.

It's delicious with jam or sugar. For hikes, it's easier to carry sachets of spread and sugar, rather than jars.

Flat Bread With Spread

For a very quick and filling breakfast, we have Lebanese flat bread which we spread with jam or honey from little sachets.

We've found over years of camping experience that Lebanese flat bread is the most convenient for camping meals whether it is breakfast, lunch or a snack. Because it is thick and flat, there's no worry about squashing, as would occur with sandwich bread. This bread also keeps longer.

Allow one flat bread per person for breakfast.

We also use this bread for lunches.

Unless you're happy to carry in tins or sachets of dehydrated food, hiking meals are simple and a little monotonous.

We have a number of recipes for standing camps. Having access to stores of food and more pots and pans means you can have a greater variety of meals.

As you know, we have been involved with the children with scouts for years, so we have years of camping experience.

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