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We and our children have had years of experience with camping menus having been involved with our local Scout Group since the kids were little.

These menus below are our scouts trusty standing camp menus that they take responsibility for the shopping, cooking and washing up. Naturally, as capable scouts, our kids are able to build the whole camp including putting up the dining tent, make the tables and benches as well as getting the younger ones to make basin racks and drying racks.

On Scout Camps, the kids are assessed on the quality of the meals so these menus are workable, simple and do-able even for kids from the ages of 10 - 15 to prepare.

Select from the below to create menus that suit.


Pumpkin Soup



Camp Damper

For More Ideas:

Best Standing Camp Menu

Our Scouts Favorites for Scroggin and snacks.

Breakfast Menus:

Breakfasts need to be hearty and wholesome as we all seem to be hungrier outdoors. As usual, cooking at a standing camp means access to a better variety of meals as you'll have more equipment and "real" ingredients as opposed to the dehydrated sort.

Simple Camping Breakfasts For Hiking Camps

Hearty Breakfast Campings For Standing Camps

Scout Camping Menus

Having been involved in our community scout group for years, while our children were little, we have years of camping experience and we know you just need a handful of trusty recipes that the children know are reliable, tasty and do-able. 

Frankly, there's no such thing as boring menus when camping. When outdoors and after an active day, everyone has a healthy appetite - the menus just need to be simple to make tasty meals.  Here's How To Select The Best Camping Recipes.

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