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As you know, as scout leaders, we have years of camping experience. Learn from us  How To Select The Best Camping Recipes and here are our always reliable kids camping recipes.   Remember, the key to camp cooking is managing the coals.

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Kids Camping Treat

Toasted Marshmallows And Chocolate Wheatens

You'll find this will be the most popular of your camping recipes for kids. It has all the ingredients for the best ever kids treat - a campfire, toasted marshmallows, chocolate and lots of friends.

It's so very simple but be sure to have a large supply of chocolate wheaten biscuits (wholewheat cookies for Americans and Graham crackers for our British friends). The kids will devour these treats in no time at all.

Step 1: Toast Marshmallows

Toast marshmallows on clean green sticks.

Take care that the kids sit some distance from the fire and teach them wind direction, so that they sit on the windward side of the fire.

Step 2: Make a biscuit sandwich

Have ready a goodly supply of chocolate wheaten biscuits.

Place the toasted marshmallow in between two chocolate wheatens, with the chocolate faces on the inside. The hot marshmallow will melt the chocolate.

Step 3: Enjoy

There'll never be a more yummy camping treat!

Enjoy the hot chocolatey marshmallow cookie.

It's too delicious for words.

...and you'll agree "This is the best of all camping recipes for everyone, adults and kids!"

Step 4: Scrooge it

For a reduced level of decadence, replace one side of the "sandwich" with a wholemeal biscuit like a granita biscuit. So, you'll have a layer of:
a granita biscuit or wholemeal cookie
a toasted marshmallow
a chocolate wheaten (chocolate side in)

It will still be delicious.


Everyone, kids and adults will completely enjoy this treat. Have a large supply of biscuits. They'll disappear in no time at all.

For visitors who are not Australian, Granita biscuits are plain wholewheat cookies, and Chocolate Wheatens are large chocolate coated wholewheat cookies.

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