Healthy Snack Recipes For Kids
Favorite After School Snacks

These are healthy snack recipes for kids that my own kids make themselves when they're home after school. That's when they're hungry and just want something fast to prepare.

Here are some of our favorites:

Easy Cheese Toast

Quick and Easy Kid Recipes Cheese Toast

On this page are just two healthy snack recipes for kids

Baked beans n Ham on Toast - This is full of fiber and protein and it's low in fat.

Soft Boiled Eggs n Soldiers - Here's the secret to a perfect soft boiled egg.

Baked Beans n Ham on Toast

This recipe makes 1 snack of 2 toasts with cherry tomatoes on the side.

Just Add Prepare
• 1 cup baked beans

• 2 slices of bread

• low fat cream cheese

• 2 slices of sandwich ham

• a little pepper

• 2 cherry tomatoes

• Decant into a ceramic bowl, 1 cup of beans. Put a plate or lid over the bowl and microwave on high for 1 minute

• Toast the bread

• Use low fat cream cheese to spread on the toast. This is healthier than butter and NEVER use margarine

• Place a slice of ham

• Top with warmed baked beans and season with a little pepper if you choose

• Have the cherry tomatoes on the side.

• Cut into triangles and enjoy!

Now, how easy was that!

Soft Boiled Eggs n Soldiers

Allow 2 eggs and 2 toasts per child.

The secret with soft boiled eggs is:

  • Boil the water first
  • Use a spoon to gently lower the egg into the boiling water
  • Set the time to boil for only 3 minutes
  • Take it off the heat as soon as the timer goes
  • Remove the egg with a spoon and place in the egg cup

Toast the bread.

When toasted, spread with low fat cream cheese rather than butter.

Cut into four long strips - they're called "soldiers".

Enjoy the soft boiled eggs with soldiers!


For healthy snack recipes for kids, never use margarine as it's synthetic and we regard it as unhealthy.

Butter is delicious and natural, but to reduce our fat intake, we prefer to use low fat cream cheese (Philadelphia Cheese) as a spread on bread or toast.

When microwaving, put a lid over the container to prevent food "exploding" and making a mess of the microwave oven.

We always use ceramic rather than plastic containers in the microwave oven as not all plastic containers are stable and some may become chemically unstable in the microwave oven. Most plastic containers do have markers indicating if they're safe for use in a microwave oven, but for children, they may not know how to check or may forget, so it is easier to teach them to use a ceramic container.


Here are just two healthy snack recipes for kids. For more, just click on the links to the other recipes.

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Wishing you happy cooking!

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Favorite After School Snacks

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