Quick and Easy Kid Recipes
Cheese Toast In A Toaster

This is the safest and simplest of quick and easy kid recipes.  Cheese toast is yummy and kids love it, but as a parent, I know that using a grill can be potentially dangerous.  

So, here's how your child can safely make this snack without the worry of using the grill.

Step 1: 

Turn your toaster onto its side so that the slots are horizontal.

Put a plate adjacent to the slot so that when the toast "pop"s it drops straight onto the plate.

cheese toast is a quick and easy kid receipes

Step 2:

Place a slice of cheese on the bread.

Slide it into the toaster.

Start toasting.

Step 3:

Out it pops!

Straight onto the plate!


Cheese toast made in a toaster

Now, how quick and easy was that!  Recipes like this are ideal for an after school snack a kid could make for himself.

This is a safe way for the children to cook their own cheesey toast. It's a warm, tasty, filling snack, just perfect to fill their little tummies after a hard day at school.

Simple recipes like this mean you needn't worry about the dangers of children using the oven or the grill or that the grill may be left on unattended.


Use slices of cheese that are pre-sliced. These come in single slices wrapped separately and are ideal for handling by children. This avoids the danger of cross-contanimation of food and the hygiene of the remaining slices in the container.

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