Easy Cheesecake Recipes

Our luscious easy cheesecake recipes are exactly that - E-A-S-Y to prepare yet so very delicious. That's what Easy Recipes are about - producing a tasty little number with the least amount of effort.

These easy cheese cake recipes range from a delicious refrigerated no-bake cheesecake, traditional baked cheesecakes with a crumb crust to super easy crustless cheesecakes.

They are all delicious and light made from Ricotta Cheese and/or cream cheese.

Find a recipe that suits your taste and make variations to it. For example, a pumpkin cheese cake can be varied by substituting with apricots or dates.

No-bake cheesecakes are set in place with gelatin or jello crystals and these are just as scrumptious as baked cheesecakes.

Don't worry about making the crumb crust from scratch. I've worked out how to do this ever so simply by bagging Graham Crackers and crushing them with a heavy saucepan. While it is convenient to have a food processor, it's not obligatory and the crumb crust can still be made by crushing with a mallet or the base of a saucepan.

Which ever of these easy recipes you try, one thing is for certain, they are all delicious and super easy to prepare.

Cheesecakes are not the sort of dessert that's ready within minutes but I like these cheesecakes as it take less than half an hour to put together and it's then just either baking or placing in the refrigerator to chill. Either way, I like the sort of cooking that does not involve a lot of work. Baking suits me as I get to do my other work, while the oven is "doing it's thing"!

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