Signature Kirkland Almonds

Kirkland Almonds - The Signature brand whole almonds are supreme quality and come in 3 pound bags

Kirkland Almonds, Signature Almonds, Whole suppreme, 3 Pound

About Kirkland Almonds

  • These are raw almonds, not roasted

  • The shell has been removed but not the covering skin

  • Most reviewers rated highly these natural almonds

  • Raw almonds can be eaten as snacks, added to breakfast cereal, salads, meat loaf, homemade health bars, chopped as topping for ice cream

  • Almonds are a natural source of fiber,  protein as well as vitamins and minerals. All in all, a great whole food

  • There were reviewers who were concerned about the pasturization process

  • Kirkland is associated with Costco and I understand they do have quality control systems. For those who do not have access to a Costco warehouse, it's good you're now able to access some of their products

  • Easy Recipes Tip:  The oil content makes nuts go rancid, so be sure to bag and freeze surplus almonds. I use single portion sized zip lock bags

  • Easy Recipes Tip: If you're concerned about cracking your teeth, soak the almonds in water for 24 hours

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