Keystone Ground Beef

Keystone Ground Beef - Cooked and ready to eat. In a 28 ounce can.

Keystone Ground Beef - Meats All Natural Ground Beef, 28 Ounce

About Keystone Ground Beef

Keystone Meats All Natural Ground Beef, 28 Ounce

  • one can of 28 oz beef and sea salt

  • The meat is fully cooked and ready to eat

  • There is natural gravy for use over potato and rice

  • The chunky style is good to cut up for sandwiches

  • It maintains texture and flavor

  • The meat is gluten free 

  • The product has a stable shelf life and is suitable for campers, survivalists, boaters as well as for busy folk who don't want to cook

  • Reviewers comments vary in regards to the taste and smell. It seems the smell can be off putting but the product is convenient if you don't want to cook.

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