Lake Haven's
Easy Picnic Recipes

These are my easy picnic recipes. We go out in the boat often when we're visiting Lake Haven, our house on the Lake, and we'll pack a compact picnic lunch and snacks to have on our adventure.

Picnic Food

Picnic Dessert

A filled picnic basket

Easy Picnics

We'd just go out and explore the lake and land where ever the shore looks welcoming. These picnic items are those I'd whip up the night before or quickly make up as the boat's being readied at our jetty.

Our Lake Haven at Dusk

Lake Haven's Easy Picnics

Picnic food needs to be eaten with fingers and mustn't have sauce or it'll be too messy to handle. It needs to be delicious cold.

Here are some of the items I would pack into our Lake Haven picnic basket.

Choose from the selection of savory and sweet easy picnic recipes.

Easy Pumpkin

Here's our delicious chicken salad from our collection of easy salad recipes

Chicken Salad

A slice of traditional pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Pie

A tray of apple turnovers

A Heritage Recipe
Of Apple Turnovers

Banana Cake Recipe with coconut

Banana Cake
with Coconut

No Fail
Dessert Brownies

Chocolate and
Coconut Cupcakes

These meat muffins topped with mashed sweet potato and mashed potato are an easy ground beef recipe

Adorable Ground

Try these quick and easy recipes like these bacon and egg pielets

Ham & Egg

Fudge for kids

What A Treat!

Macaroons, one of our kids cooking recipes

Simple To Make

This easy meatloaf recipe is made with apricots

Easy Meatloaf
With Apricots

Easy Lunch Recipes for Picnics:

  • Salmon, Lettuce and Cream Cheese Wrap
  • Savory Olive Loaf with Fresh Bread
  • Ham and Lettuce with Mayonnaise Sandwich
  • Turkey Slices with Red Pesto and Lettuce Wrap
  • Chinese Roast Pork with Cream Cheese Wrap
  • Cheese and Olive Bread
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Ham and Polenta Little Cakes

Easy Picnic Dessert Recipes

Other items for the hamper:

  • bottled water
  • 4 plastic cups
  • paper towels
  • plastic bag for garbage
  • hand santizer
  • sun screen

Now, how easy was that!

If you know in advance you'll be going out, you can prepare by cooking an extra savory olive loaf the night before and corn on the cob.

Whipping up muffins and brownies for the little trip takes minimal time if you're able to do this the day before the trip. You'll be busy enough the morning of your picnic and won't want to rush around to cook.

When we get home after a day on the water, everyone's starving. I put on an easy appetizer of nachos and salsa with melted cheese and it's quick and hot made in the microwave. This keeps hunger at bay while my husband and kids are cleaning out the boat and I get dinner ready.

Have fun on your days out. These easy picnic recipes are all in this website. They really are easy to prepare and easy to handle in the outdoors.

Here are more ideas for easy picnic dessert recipes.

Picnic Food Tips From Easy Recipes

Drinks - we only have bottled water on our picnics as soft drink and juice makes the palate "sticky" and makes you want to drink more.

Fruit - needs to be not soft so that it travels well in the picnic basket. These would include apples, pears and mandarins.

Sweet snacks need to be able to be eaten hand held and firm enough not to fall apart on the journey.

I wrap savory wraps, breads and sandwiches in a paper towel "pocket" so that they're held by the wrapped end, when eaten.

Don't use tomatoes in your sandwiches and wraps. It makes it all soggy.

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