Le Creuset Cake Stand
For A Beautiful Display

Wouldn't you just love a Le Creuset Cake Stand?

...and just look at these deep rich colors!

Le Creuset Cake Stand - Stoneware in Cherry Red 11.75 inch diameter

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The Cherry Red
Stoneware Cake Stand

Le Creuset Stoneware Dessert/Cake Stand, Cherrry

Le Creuset Cake Stand - Stoneware in Marseille Blue, 11.75 in diameter

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The Marseille Blue Stoneware Cake Stand

Le Creuset Stoneware Dessert/Cake Stand, Marseille

They key to appetizing treats is always in the presentation.  No matter how long you've taken to make your baked goodies or no matter how simple the recipe, a beautiful presentation helps enhance it.


That's why it doesn't matter if you're using simple to make recipes as long as it is tasty and delicious and always displayed with elegance.

Why a Le Creuset Cake Stand?

I love the Le Creuset stoneware and the sturdy exterior enamel as it means it won't be damaged by knives. Display, slice and serve from this beautiful cake stand without worrying about chips and knife cut damage.

Always, always, always get out your best tableware just like this cake stand to display your creations.  Food tastes so much better when displayed and presented with thought.

As we all know, Le Creuset products are not just beautifully designed, they are sturdy, durable and last for decades. I see them as an investment.

The size is nearly 12 inches in diameter and it fits cake baked in standard sized pans.

Stoneware has particular properties Le Creuset has used to advantage:

  • It prevents scorching as stoneware maintains even temperatures
  • The material has Unmatched thermal resistance, meaning it is safe for the oven, broiler as well as microwave, freezer and dishwasher
  • Being dense stoneware, it blocks moisture absorption and as a result prevents crazing, cracking and rippling
  • The impermeable enameled exterior glazing resists scratches and stains, and is safe as a cutting surface with knives
  • The nearly-nonstick glazed interior releases foods for quick cleanup

More Le Creuset Product Details:

    Cleaning & Care : Dishwasher Safe
    Material : Stoneware
    Origin : China
    Size : 11.75 x 3-in.
    Warranty : 5-year

Select a cake stand to match the color theme of your home, or select a classic design like this one.

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