Six in One Cake Stand

Clearmax cake stand which can be used in six different ways. Excellent value!

ClearMax® Multi-Functional 6-in-1 Deluxe Cake Stand

About The Clearmax Cake Stand

This versatile domed stand is excellent value as it can be used in different ways

  • It's made of acrylic so it's light weight and easy to transport

  • But that also means take care with washing so as to prevent scratching

  • It's about 12 inches in diameter

  • It comes as a stand with a clear dome which is designed to be inverted and slots into the base

  • See in the image, how it can be used in the 6 different ways to serve dips and tid bits, with and without the dome, to display cakes, muffins and treats with or without the dome, as a salad bowl, as a two layered salad bowl

  • The inverted dome on the stand can also be used to serve trifle. It'll be a pretty big trifle and ideal for functions and parties

  • Some reviewers have complained about it cracking when washing in hot water or when hot muffins and cakes straight out of the oven were placed on it.  Well, it is a plastic material, so take care to use it only for items at room temperature

  • The majority of reviewers gave this item a 5 star review and share that it was well packaged, the cakes remain fresh under the dome and it's clearly displayed.  I love it myself and purchase it as gifts

  • For the price, it's excellent value.  You'll use it repeatedly.

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