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Croissant Recipe
A short cut method

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Looking for an easy croissant recipe? This is how I cheat and make them easily with double or single sheets of store bought puff pastry.

 Tray of Buttery Shortcut "Croissants"

To view our photos on how we made these incredibly simple to make delicious flaky pastries, please click here.

Please remember these are not true croissants as a real croissant takes skilled effort to create the layers and layers of delicate flaky pastry but this recipe is for pastries made from puff pastry sheets rolled into little crescent shapes.

Shortcut Croissant Recipe

You'll need:

• 6 sheets of puff pastry

• 3 1/2 oz/100gm butter

• 1 egg, beaten for egg wash

• Preheat oven to 430F/220C

• Line two baking trays with baking paper

• Cut a sheet of pastry across the diagonals so you have 4 triangles

• On each triangle, dot shavings of butter

• (Optional) Top the buttered triangle with another to create a double thickness

• Roll starting at the base of the triangle (as in the image) and roll it towards the tip. The secret is to handle lightly and roll it as loosely as possible so that the internal parts are open to the hot air in the oven cavity too.

• Place finished croissant on the lined baking tray, curving them into crescent shapes.

• Repeat, creating 4 single sheet croissants per sheet or for double thickness, 2 croissants per sheet.

• (Optional) make variations by inserting in the center jam, a piece of chocolate or shredded cheese.

• Brush with egg wash as this helps with the browning.

• For single sheet crescents, bake for 17 minutes then turn the heat down to 380F/190C and bake for another 2 minutes till they are evenly golden brown. 

• For a double sheet "croissant", bake for 17 minutes then turn the heat down to 380F/190C and bake for another 17 minutes till they are evenly golden brown. 

• Leave them on the tray to cook internally for another 10 minutes.

Tips From Easy Recipes

  • It is important to handle the dough lightly and as little as possible, as otherwise, it becomes dense and hard and loses its flaky texture

  • The secret to this croissant recipe is to keep them loose when rolled so that the internal areas of the croissant are also "open" to the hot air in the oven.  Don't worry about having an open croissant. The pastry puffs up and closes up the gaps

  • The reason we cook this recipe just a little longer at a slightly lower temperature is to cook the insides, so that the entire pastry is flaky, both inside and out.  When the croissant is cut transversely, you'll see the inside is cooked nicely with the pastry flaked.

  • We sometimes make this recipe with double layers of puff to achieve the effect of a "fuller" look. But to make this successfully, the insides have to be cooked for longer - a further 17minutes, at the lower temperature. Now, these thicker pastries will take longer to cook, so it is important to roll them so that the roll is not completely enclosed. And note the baking times and temperatures, to start hot then turn the temperature down to moderate.

  • All ovens are different. While we provide oven temperatures that work fine on most ovens including my own, it may be that other ovens may be a little temperamental. Please use your judgement.

  • Don't be tempted to omit the egg wash. This helps to bring out the lovely tempting golden brown color.

  • Now, this is not a true croissant recipe which is painstakingly made from delicate several layered special dough, so please be conscious this recipe is a tasty, easy to make substitute.

  • I make all sorts of variations with this base recipe, adding cheese or jam fillings, or just cutting smaller sized triangles as a small croissant is perfect for the kids lunchboxes.

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