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Easy Roast Beef Recipes
Inexpensive Blade Roast

Easy Roast Beef Recipes
Inexpensive Blade Roast - Slices are Ideal For Sandwiches

Inexpensive Blade Roast. One of our easy roast beef recipes.

For inexpensive and easy roast beef the best cut would be a blade roast. This cut is inexpensive and the meat fibers are tightly packed. So, this meat is better cooked in a slow oven for a longer time.

Cut the roast into thin slices, only when cooled and it is ideal for roast beef sandwiches. Spread the sandwich with seeded mustard or mayonnaise. mmmm....very yummy.

Inexpensive Blade Roast

You'll need:

• 2 lb/1 kg blade roast

• aluminum foil/ baking paper/parchment

• Preheat oven at 320F/160C

• Line the base of the baking tray with aluminum foil, baking paper or parchment

• Place the meat onto the lined tray

• Cover the meat with a top sheet of aluminum foil. Tuck ends of the top sheet under the bottom sheet so that it does not fly around in the fan oven. Cover the meat so that it cooks slower and does not burn. As well, so that it does not make a mess of your oven

• Tear 3 little holes into the top of the top sheet. This is to allow circulation

• Roast for 2 hours

• Allow to stand for 10 minutes.

Easy Recipes Tips
For Easy Roast Beef Recipes

  • Slow cooking is a wonderful way to cook inexpensive budget cuts of meat for a moist and tender result

  • This cut of meat is close grained, so carve it very thinly AGAINST the grain. This is so that the meat fibers are short and easily digested

  • This is perfect for sandwiches with chutney or seeded mustard or mayonnaise and some crispy green lettuce leaves

  • Always allow the meat to sit and rest for 10 minutes before carving. It will continue to cook internally and firms up so that it is easier to carve

  • The sliced meat is ideal for freezing. So, slice it all up and bag the surplus in zip lock freezer bags

  • To keep your beef moist, never use a fork. Only ever handle with tongs

  • Here's now to make gravy with pan juices - Pour the juices in a pot and place in the 'fridge to cool. The fat congeals and floats as a thick layer of creamy white - remove this top layer and discard immediately. Heat up the de-fatted pan juices with salt, pepper and a little flour as thickener.

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