Easy Dinner Recipes

Here is a selection of easy dinner recipes including our delicious yet so easy roast dinners.

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We recommend roasts for easy dinner recipes. All that's required is to pop them in the oven...



...and that's it!

The art of baking, though, is controlling the temperature and the time it's in the oven.

Naturally, to enjoy your dinner, the meal must be flavorsome and the meat juicy. It's best to purchase good quality cuts.

How long to cook?
As a general rule of thumb, bake at 400F/ 190C for 1/2 hour for every pound or 500 grams.  But for this recipe, to get the crackling super crunchy, we vary the temperature.

It is always better to under cook rather than over cook a roast as over cooked meat is dry and stringy while if is slightly undercooked it's still moist and not chewy.

That's why when you cook a steak, a well done steak is less tasty and less juicy than a medium to well done steak.

Roasting Tray
Roasts are best cooked sitting on a roasting tray placed over a baking pan.  This roasting tray has holes in it to allow for circulation of hot air around the roast. The roasting tray is also ideal to drain the fat away from the meat.

For healthy dinners, I encourage all families to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, ideally, at every meal.

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