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Easy Potato Recipe
Potato n' Chorizo Omelet

This easy potato recipe is a one pot meal that is ever so easy to prepare. Not only is this super easy, but it is also one of our cheap quick easy dinner recipe and ideal as an inexpensive meal.

It takes just two steps, firstly cook the potatoes, then add the other ingredients and allow to set.

Cut into generous thick slices and serve with pasta or mashed potato. It's delicious!

Easy Potato and Chorizo Omelet
Here is my easy potato recipe - potato and chorizo omelet

Rating: Easy
Ingredients: 6
Steps: 2 then allow to set

This recipe makes enough for 6 - 8 serves.


Ingredients for gen's easy potato recipe - Potato and Chorizo Omelet

Tip: Slice Chorizo Thinly

Gen's easy potato recipe -  be sure to slice the chorizo thinly

Step 1 : Cook the potato and onion till soft.
Add a little water and cover the pan

Cook the potatoes in a covered frypan firstly

Optional : If you'd like to add mushrooms,
move the potatoes to the side and cook the mushrooms separately

Cook mushrooms separately by moving the cooked potatoes to the side

Step 2: Pour over beaten eggs and shredded cheese

Pour over beaten eggs and cheese

Top with peas
Let it set on slow heat for 20 minutes

Top omelet mixture with peas

The omelet is beautifully set

Easy Potato recipe plated potato and chorizo omelet

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Potato n Chorizo Omelet

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