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Easy Rice Recipes

The wonderful thing about our easy rice recipes, is that they are simple to make in one pot and many of the savory rice recipes are truly a one pot meal complete with carbohydrates, protein and vegetables.

As a busy parent, you can't get better than a one-pot meal that is tasty and nutritious.

Easy Savory Rice Recipes

Mediterranean Chicken

Quick Easy Chicken Recipes Mediterranean Chicken

Stuffed Capsicums - This is so delicious it's a guaranteed winner

Mediterranean Chicken - Tasty one pot meal with chicken and chorizo; a quick easy recipe

Easy Fried Rice with Chunky Chicken - Chinese Fried Rice with Chunks of Chicken

Homemade Stuffing Recipe - Bacon n Rice - This is delicious, just as a sides

Roast Turkey With Wild Rice Stuffing

Sweet Easy Rice Recipes

Easy Rice Pudding Recipe - what to do with some left over rice

Easy Rice Pudding With Coconut Milk - This is so delicious, yet incredibly easy. It's my husband's favorite!


Use a rice cooker for the best results - its so simple to pop the rice and water into the cooker and you needn't worry about it sticking or boiling over.

Rice can be kept for a couple of days, in the refrigerator.

If you're cooking fried rice, it's best to use rice that is at least a day old. It will have dried a little and is much easier to fry.

As is our standard on this website, try to use very little oil in your cooking by using a non-stick pan. Not only is this healthier for you and your family, but it means your hips stay slimmer a little longer.

Enjoy more of our easy dinner recipes.

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Oven Pan

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Easy Layered Bacon and Turnip Bake

Homemade Stuffing Recipe - Bacon n Rice

Your Choice of Easy Rice Recipes

Gen's 15 Minute Meal - Chicken n Tomato

Easy Fritata

Low Fat, Healthy, Easy Hamburger

Really Easy Frankfurt Pasta Sauce

Wishing you happy cooking!

Easy Recipes For Families

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Easy Rice Recipes

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