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Easy Holiday Recipes
Roast Turkey With Wild Rice Stuffing

Easy holiday recipes are a must when we host feasts in our busy home. We just love having lots of family and friends over, we love the feasting and the variety of delicious food, we love the laughter and fun and we love decorating our home to celebrate the holiday!

So that you're able to manage with all that organizing for the holiday feast, the recipes must be quick and simple, yet delightful to look at, and of course, more-ish.

I've pulled out of my file of easy holiday recipes to share with you my Delicious Turkey With Wild Rice Stuffing. This recipe is not complicated - it's just a matter of preparing the stuffing then roasting the turkey.

But you do have to allow a few hours to cook the turkey.

For a holiday feast, you have several dishes so that there's variety and lots of yummy food to share. Check out more of our easy holiday recipes.

Easy Holiday Recipes - Roast Turkey With Wild Rice

A turkey is usually sufficient for 12 people.

Try to find an uncooked turkey buff, which is turkey prepared with mostly breast meat.

Just Add Cook Wild Rice
• 1 cup wild rice

• Cook wild rice in accordance with instructions. Replace liquid with chicken stock.

• This will take about 20 minutes

• When it is cooked, start preparation for the stuffing

Just Add Prepare Stuffing
• 1/2 lb/ 250gm bacon rashes without rind, diced

• 1 large onion, diced

• 2 sticks celery, diced finely

• 1 carrot, diced finely

• 1 cup bread crumbs

• 1 cup walnuts, roughly chopped up

• 1 egg, beaten

• In a hot fry pan, fry onions till golden brown

• Toss in diced bacon, celery and onion and fry till cooked

• Add pepper

• Take it off the heat and decant it into a large mixing bowl or large saucepan

• Add in cooked wild rice, bread crumbs and walnuts

• Add in beaten egg. Combine well

Just Add Prepare Turkey
• 5 large bacon rashes with rind

• Either 1 whole turkey

• Or, 1 turkey buff

• cooking string

• aluminum foil

• Preheat the oven at 360F/180C

• Line baking tray with foil and place turkey on it

• Whole turkey - put the stuffing into the cavity

• Turkey buff - Remove skin from the breast from the base, leaving the skin attached at the top. Put stuffing under the skin. Tie the buff with string 1/2 inch/ 5 cm apart

• There will be left over stuffing. Just leave that aside

• Drape bacon rashers over the turkey

• Cover the turkey loosely with another sheet of foil, folding the top sheet under the bottom sheet to prevent it flying around the oven. Keep the long sides open and loose for circulation.

Tear 3 holes at the top to allow for circulation.

Just Add Bake
• 5 bacon rashers, each cut into 2 or 3.

• tooth picks

• Bake covered for 1.5 hours

• In the meantime, prepare little bacon rolls with stuffing - put the stuffing into the bacon strips, roll it and secure with a tooth pick

• Take turkey out of the oven, remove foil, remove bacon rind

• Add bacon rolls onto the tray

• Bake uncovered for 30 - 40 minutes till golden brown

• It's cooked when you insert a skewer and the juices run out clear (not red)

Your turkey is golden brown and moist as it's been protected by the bacon rashers and foil.

Your stuffing is super delicious and the wild rice makes it special. You'll have your guests coming back for more! I know because that's what happens at our table.

The little bacon rolls are incredibly delicious.

Now, I know this dish was not quick, but the steps are easy and not complicated.


Cover the roast so as to keep in the moisture as it'll be in the oven for quite a while and to reduce the amount of mess in your oven.

But it is important to still allow for circulation. So, keep the long sides loose and open and tear holes at the top.

Bacon rashers draped over the turkey also protect the skin so that it is not over cooked.

The browning occurs at the end when it is cooked uncovered.


Enjoy more of our easy holiday recipes.

Easy is the keyword when cooking for holiday feasts as you don't have the time to fuss.

Wishing you happy cooking!

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