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Easy Punch Recipes
Elegant Lychee Punch

Of our easy punch recipes, I regard this as the most elegant. It can be made in the traditional manner, in a punch bowl or in individual high-ball glasses.

This is ideal for a girlfriends get together.  Click here for Lychee Punch

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Elegant Lychee Punch

This is a delightful non-alcoholic drink and if you want this for your drinks party, add vodka to the punch.

The proportions are provided by volume so that you can either make this individually in tall glasses or in a punch bowl.

Just Add

• lychee juice, chilled

• sparkling mineral water or soda water, chilled

• tinned lychee fruit, chilled

• vodka (optional)

Put it together:

• Chill your punch bowl and/or tumblers for a minimum of 2 hours.

• When you're about to serve, pour the ingredients into the chilled receptacles

• 1/3 volume Lychee Juice

• 2/3 volume sparkling mineral water or soda water

• tinned lychees - 2 lychees, halved, per glass

• vodka to your liking

It is perfect served refreshingly cold and it looks sensational presented in frosted high-ball tumblers.

Now, how easy was that!

Enjoy this as a delightful mid-summer beverage. Your guests will love this treat.

 Tips For Easy Punch Recipes

This fruit beverage is ideal if you have just a couple of friends over and you want to serve something a little special. You needn't worry about the punch bowl. Just make the drink in chilled tall or high ball glasses.

Be sure to chill the ingredients and glasses for at least 2 hours before serving.

Make room in the freezer and chill your glasses, for that sensational frosted look.

Keep punches uncomplicated as they're are convenient as you can make them alcoholic or virgin/non-alcoholic. For more ideas:

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