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Easy Punch Recipe
Easy Fruit Punch

This is a quick put together easy punch recipe.

Ideal for quick gatherings and parties, this is a no fuss fruit juice punch.

Easy Fruit Juice Punch

This is a delightfully easy punch to make and if you want this for your drinks party, add vodka.

The proportions are provided by volume.

Just Add

• pineapple juice

• orange juice

• sparkling mineral water or soda water, chilled

• 1 tin fruit cocktail

• vodka (optional)

Put it together:

• 1/3 volume pineapple juice

• 1/3 volume orange juice

• 1/3 volume sparkling mineral water or soda water

• Tip all together including tin of fruit cocktail

• vodka to your liking

This no fuss punch recipe is great fun for a last minute drinks party.

 Tips For An Easy Punch Recipe

To get that party atmosphere happening, purchase a deep, large punch bowl with a lovely drinks ladle.

If you don't have one, a large salad bowl and soup ladle will have to do. You might want to trim the salad bowl with a wide ribbon.

Find an easy drinks recipe as it's convenient - you can make them alcoholic or virgin.

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