Quick And Easy Appetizer Recipes

The secret to quick and easy appetizer recipes is to be well prepared and to make them ahead of your guests arrival.

Tips From Easy Recipes

Salsas and dips can be prepared a day ahead so that all that's necessary is to spoon the dip onto small bowls surrounded by fancy crackers.

Make ahead the divine tarte tartin, which is so incredibly simple to prepare. Shhh...it's an upside down pie! Make this the day before and it only takes minutes to put together then into the oven, and serve as wedges. There's no need to warm them up.  To make this quick and easy, I use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut it up into wedges.

A wonderful appetizer are our no-yeast savory breads. We have them in ham and cheese, olive and cheese, and pumpkin as well. Bake these a couple of days before, store in an air tight container or freeze them and to serve, slice this heavy savory appetizer into finger sized portions.

I've featured the roast pears as an appetizer. Now these are a little difficult to handle on a little plate and will require the use of cutlery, but they are absolutely delicious and look sensational! These truly have a WOW factor.

And of course, there are always these:

I've found over many years of entertaining, if one of your guests asks if they can share the load, delegating the appetizers is a simple task that they can assist with without it being too much of a cost or burden in time and effort.  I suggest take up their offer and ask if they could bring some dips, cheeses and crackers or chips and nuts.

Have ready all your serving plates taken out of the cupboard the night before your party including platters for the appetizer.  Be sure to have available paper napkins and small forks for the appetizer.

The secret to a successful party... use make-ahead recipes and prepare the dishes a few days in advance and if possible freeze them.

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