Elegant Easy Dinner Party Food 

elegant table setting for an elegant dinner party

Here's a lovely selection of Summer Dinner Party Food that's delicious and ever so easy to make.  

Remember the key to a great dinner party is to make the food unfussy but dress the table beautifully and you have to be rested.

You'll find all the recipes on this site to be easy with simple to follow instructions.   Take for example the savory pumpkin muffins - there could be nothing easier than tossing all the ingredients into a saucepan, giving it a good stir, decanting into muffin trays and baking.

The recipes here produce such tasty yummy morsels and you really do not have to spend hours slave bound to the cooker when you're having visitors for dinner.

Here's my secret to a fabulous dinner party.

  • The food for your dinner party must be simple and elegant. Don't overfuss the dish.
  • The food must be fresh and ideally in season to get the best flavor. 
  • The dinner table must be laid with your best linen, cutlery, crockery and glassware. Take the trouble for your guests to have a lovely table.
  • If you have flowers for your dinner table, be sure they are a low arrangement so people can see each other across the table.  Just some sprigs of leaves from the garden casually strewn across the table will suffice.
  • If you're having candles at dinner, make them small and discreet such as tea candles. Large "Look-At-Me" candles are lovely but appropriate as a feature and not at the party table.
  • Your party will be great fun if you're rested and you're able to make your guests comfortable.
  • The key to a terrific party is for you, as the hostess to have adequate rest before your guests arrive. 
  •  A party is about hospitality with lots of food, drink, music and laughter, so make your dinner party memorable by preparing food you've selected from collections  of easy recipes and set the table and prepare the room the day before. Don't rush and panic on the day.
  • Remember, prepare the delicious food in advance to freeze. Then it's only a matter of defrosting and garnishing the meal. Keep it simple!

Leave Dinner Party Food to explore and be inspired by hundreds of delicious easy recipes!